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Forum: The Villas at Polo Towers

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The lounge is no longer open. Should management be able to close this without votes from the owners?

Avatar for annette237 annette237

8 years ago
Nov 04, 2006

annette237 wrote:
The lounge is no longer open. Should management be able to close this without votes from the owners?

I agree. I never received anything about a vote for closing the lounge. Actually, I never got anything about selling some of the property to Marriott, did you? And what happened with the money that they received. I haven't seen anything to show for this other than the use of Marriott's facilities. If there is anyone else that has similar questions or answers to my questions? Please email me at gerardot_anthony@hotmail

Avatar for anthony687 anthony687

8 years ago
Jan 18, 2007

What I was told was the gambling license was owned by the developer and since he is no longer o site daily the fees greatly increased and the HOA did not want buy the lounge from the developer.

As far as the merger with Marriott it was dissovled by court order. It seems that marriot took over operation of the Villas and reservations. They were telling owners the units were booked then putting other Marriott owners into the units.

Avatar for huffmanc huffmanc

8 years ago
Jan 23, 2007

Having recently stayed in the Villas, I can tell you that the only influence that Marriott has is to rent space on the 19th floor for a sales office for the neighboring Marriott Grand Chateau.

I could find no interference with the unit rentals or use by owners (of which I am one). Maybe I am wrong, but this is what I found.

Yes, it is unfortunate that the lounge is closed, but there is plenty of activity just a short walk to Planet Hollywood and the MGM.

Across the strip will be the new MGM City (yet to be named) which will be huge and provide additional shopping, etc. Las Vegas continues to grow!

Avatar for hleeb hleeb

7 years ago
May 09, 2007

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