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Renting out and Marriott's immediate offer

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Renting out and Marriott's immediate offer

I have a Mar 08 week at MGC and want to rent it out probably through Marriott. Has anyone here ever done it before? Any advice?

Avatar for krapuky krapuky

7 years ago
Apr 28, 2007

I have not advertised my 3BRM unit at the MGC but am interested in doing so. I think you can get a better rate than going through Marriott.

Have you had any success?

Avatar for jacquelineh29 jacquelineh29

7 years ago
May 31, 2007

post your weeks on redweek ... I've rented from owners advertising on this site - as well as sold to others ... has always worked out just fine

Avatar for memoree1 memoree1

7 years ago
Jun 03, 2007


I agree with memoree1 - post your week for rent on Redweek. I've done this for the past two years, and both years sucessfully rented my Marriott property (Barony Beach in Hilton Head, SC) for what I asked.

When I had a week I couldn't use previously, I gave it to Marriott to rent. They rented it, and I ended up getting a check from Marriott for just slightly more than my annual maintenance fee - exactly $20. more!

When I rented on Redweek, I asked $1500. per week and got it in all four cases. I might have been able to get more, but renting out those two weeks at that rate more than paid the maintenance on all three of my Barony weeks.

What about trying Redweek's new exchange system? I'm considering that - I have an offer from them for over 2900 points for one of my Barony weeks. I'm really thinking about it, but so far in their inventory I see nothing I want to excahnge for. However, as someone pointed out in the excahnge forum, if some of us don't take a chance and deposit good, valuable resorts at 5 star places, this Redweek exchange will never work out. And their fees are certainly less than Interval's which I have used sucessfully in the past.

Anyhow, good luck with your week.


Avatar for kathi32 kathi32

7 years ago
Jul 10, 2007

Message deleted.

Avatar for williamg114 williamg114

7 years ago
Jul 11, 2007

Message deleted.

Avatar for richard2004 richard2004

6 years ago
Dec 02, 2007

Message deleted.

Avatar for eddieb19 eddieb19

6 years ago
May 14, 2008

We've exchanged through redweek several times and had good luck. If you don't mind small downgrades you can usually get a 2fer. Well worth it. Dick

Avatar for richardm467 richardm467

5 years ago
Aug 17, 2009

Hi , Was this a week at the resort or had you already booked it somewhere else?
we booked our 2/2 that we own @ MGC @ the Hyatt in Key West and now we cannot use it. Do you know how RedWeek works?
thanks, K

memoree1 wrote:
post your weeks on redweek ... I've rented from owners advertising on this site - as well as sold to others ... has always worked out just fine

Avatar for kevina160 kevina160

1 year ago
Nov 06, 2012

I don't know anything about Marriott's immediate offer, but I've had really good luck renting my five weeks through Redweek. They're easy to deal with. Never had a problem. I don't use their escrow, however. I use DepositGuard. Had good luck with them.

Avatar for jeanl143 jeanl143

2 months ago
Jun 20, 2014

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