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IA Vacations/ American Timeshare Closings

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IA Vacations/ American Timeshare Closings

Just went through this with Logistical Services Group out of CA. They got 2,370.00 from me for maintenance fees and then they were to pay me for 6 weeks rental for marketing. Then they wanted 4,040.00 in taxes before I could get the money. Hell no!! because all the money was coming through Mexico. It is so horrible. I am sure my resort never received the maintenance fees and I have an email into them. They will just say they have nothing to do with this company and I am out the money. The whole presentation in 2013 in Costa Rica was a fraud and lie. I have my information being posted on and travel advisors, pissed consumer. FBI and BBB is next. I will pay no more money to Bahia Turquesa in Playa de coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. They sold me a fraudulent annuity (this has to be against the law), were going to sell my weeks for 5 years and I would make all my money back. None of what they said for 2 hours was even in the contract. The guy said his name was Todd Richards, found a picture on website and its Todd Dehn or Tod Dehn. So signature is a forgery or something. They sold it as a fractional ownership. It's just a travel club membership. I am such a putz.

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2 months ago
Jan 15, 2015

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