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Tahoe Seasons Resort

South Lake Tahoe, California

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  • Week: Floating (High Season)
  • Maintenance Fee: Maint. Fee: $807.00
  • Ownership Type: Deeded
  • Use: Annual
  • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: Beds/Baths: 1/1
  • Kitchen: No
  • No. of Beds: 1 Queen, 1 Sleeper Sofa
  • View: Varies
  • Unit: unassigned
  • Occupancy: 4
  • Smoking: No
  • Pets: No


  • Fireplace
  • Jacuzzi Tub
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator - Small
  • TV
  • Telephone
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  • Tahoe Seasons Resort

    South Lake Tahoe, California

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    Tahoe Seasons is a 160 unit all-suite resort nestled in the pine trees 150 yards from Heavenly Ski Resort, and a mile from beautiful Lake Tahoe. The resort offers the amenities of a full-service hotel: 24-hour front desk, complimentary wireless Internet, in-room pay per view movies, bell service, chain installation and removal, and free valet parking (height restriction 60'). The on-site restaurant serves breakfast only. Food can be delivered to your suite seven days a week (11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.) from Fat City Food Company.

    Tahoe Seasons also has a heated outdoor swimming pool, spa, tennis court, shuffle board courts, game room, gift and sundry shop, on-site activities desk, ski and golf storage, and a seasonal ski shop. If visiting the nearby casinos is on your agenda, they are only minutes away.

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    • Avatar for crystalc133
      By: crystalc133

      Beautiful and cozy resort!

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      Mar 25, 2015
    • Avatar for pwebber
      By: pwebber

      This is a wonderful resort! It has a lovely pool and the condos are spacious with a huge jacuzzi tub in all units! The two bedroom units join each other and can be used as one bedroom units for two weeks. The desk people are very friendly and helpful and there is a delicious restaurant on the property. Heavenly ski hills are right there, just across the street where you can hike in summer and ski in winter!

      Jun 14, 2009 (Updated Jun 14, 2009)
    • Avatar for denisew
      By: denisew

      I just visited Tahoe Seasons to see the new renovations. Looks great! I can't wait to use my reservation. What a wonderful location and very helpful staff. I own the regency unit which can be locked off for 2 weeks using the 1b unit each time. Or if you choose to have guests, they have their own adjoining 1b unit for privacy.

      Oct 25, 2008
    • Avatar for erics159
      By: erics159

      We spent July 4th week at Tahoe Seasons Resort and was very pleased with the renovated accomadations. It is a great place for families and offers plenty of amenities. It is in a central location that allows you flexibility for many of Tahoes activities. The resort restuarant is ok for breakfast or late snack, but for fine dining I would recommend eating at The Sage Room at Harvey's. The staff is very helpful and can provide very helpful hints when looking for local activities. Our family liked it so much that we purchased a timeshare and look forward to returning next year.

      Oct 7, 2007 (Updated Aug 9, 2008)
    • Avatar for clares11
      By: clares11

      An older resort, nestled at the foot of Heavenly Valley makes for a quiet and restful week. The spa tub is an interesting feature in the room; a throw back to the 1970's. It takes a lot of space in the one bedroom unit, but can be enjoyable. The resort doesn't offer a lot of activities but there is so much to do in the Lake Tahoe area that it really didn't seem to matter. Summer is a great time to visit because the lake is so beautiful; but winter offers the fabulous ski season. Fall and Spring offer an array of colors; and the smell of pine is in the air. If you like to gamble, take in a show or just eat at a buffet you have your pick of places from which to choose. Short day trips to Reno, Carson Valley, Tahoe City add to the fun. A dinner boat trip tops off your visit and makes for a memorable trip.

      Mar 21, 2008
    • Avatar for rh34
      By: rh34

      I'm here on Halloween, and am enjoying my stay. I like the staff, but have not dealt with management. The only reason to come here is to ski. The location is perfect.

      This would have been five stars when it opened, but it is aging and the managment invests far less than it needs to keep it a top destination. The large jacuzzi is nice, perfect for winter, but the jets don't work. This spa is the central room feature, 8'x8', it sits between the small bedroom and the small living room. there is a nice gas fireplace.

      I would come back if I was skiing. Otherwise, no.

      Oct 31, 2007
    • Avatar for alp30
      By: alp30

      My wife and I visited Tahoe Seasons on the week of March 23, 2007. We were impressed to say the least. 1) You can buy lift tickets or rent equipment at great prices to Heavenly at the Ski shop on site. 2) You can then walk a few feet across the street to the lifts without waiting in line. What a convenient way to ski Heavenly. 3) The staff at Tahoe Seasons were great and the Valet parking was a great perk. 4) Rooms were nice as long as you realize you will not have a full kitchen. This did not bother us since we never cook on vacation. 5) Heavenly has an extensive transportation system. If you cross the street and enter their parking lot, you will have access to the the transportation system even if you are not skiing. The buses will take you to the Downtown area where the gondola is or the the Nevada lift area. 6) The hot tub in every room was handy after skiiing!

      Don't expect a lot from the concierge. She seems to have her own agenda.

      This was my first visit and I loved the place. I will be vacationing there again, probably every year.

      May 5, 2007 (Updated May 5, 2007)
    • Avatar for annao16
      By: annao16

      This is an awsome ski hotel/lodge. Nothing beats the proximity of the lifts. Walk to the Heavenly lift is short and simple enough to do in ski boots. You have two lifts to choose from - a tram and a high speed quad. And a wait for the tram is nothing compared to the wait for the gondola in town center. You can even get back down on a tram or lift, if you don't feel like skiing down at the end of the day.

      While it's true that the place is a residential hotel more than condo (mostly due to kitchenette rather than kitchen), we stayed here twice and both times had a great time. Staff was friendly, especially the bell crew. And these guys know the area and always give good advise.

      We found the consciege rather useless and the front desk uneven. But the ski shop guys are pros and very efficient.

      We used the communal outdoors jacuzzi most of the time, but the in room jacuzzi had it's advantages too.

      All in all, ski hotels don't get much better than this.

      Apr 15, 2007
    • Avatar for christine391
      By: christine391

      We stayed here for one week in April, 2006. Our overall experience was a mixed.

      We found the place claustrophobic--it felt more like a large motor home than it did a condo. Another couple joined us for four nights and we found that the design--with the bathroom separating the living room from the bedroom/kitchen/dining room--meant that you had to schedule use of the tub/shower in a way that made sure that everyone else was in the right place for the duration of each person's shower.

      While we knew that Tahoe Seasons had only a bar-type kitchen with small fridge and microwave, we were disappointed to find that there were no utensils or dinnerware for even light meals. There were only four glasses and two coffee mugs. There was a coffee maker and free coffee pouches with sugar, coffee- mate and stir sticks, but designed to serve two people, not four.

      There were a few minor problems (spout on tap, light broken) but these were fixed quickly after we called the front desk.

      The queen bed was comfortable, but the hide- a-bed was barely adequate. Only two small pillows were provided for each bed. When we called to ask for more, we were told that there were no more available!

      The huge spa-tub was a nice idea. But it took a half an hour to fill, and with four adults sharing the unit, it made it impracticable to use.

      It took ages to get hot water to the sinks.

      The fireplace was nice.

      The valet parking was excellent, prompt and efficient.

      The breakfast buffet had a nice variety and the service was excellent. The pub menu was limited and not that great.

      The location was good. If you are a skier, it would be fantastic as Tahoe Seasons is at the base of Heavenly. And, the casinos, restaurants and shopping are all nearby.

      While they advertise a shuttle service to the casinos, it was only available in the late afternoon and evenings and they charge a dollar per person each way.

      The decor was very nice, although showing its age. The plans for the redecoration look really nice.

      The staff were pleasant and generally responsive.

      In general, it was more like a hotel, than a condo. AS a hotel, I would rate it as a three star.

      Apr 21, 2006
    • Avatar for james3482
      By: james3482

      Our recent visit over Labor Day in September 2005 was VERY enjoyable. Frankly, we were surprised, as we had read the other reviews before arrival and because of them had concerns; all proved unfounded. This is really a Gold Crown quality resort (I believe it doesn't qualify solely because there are no full kitchens); it was originally built to be a Hilton Suites. It is more like a suite hotel with a large jacuzzi in the room rather than a condo (the rooms are smaller than your typical timeshare). However, if a fairly luxurious hotel suite type room works for you then this is your place. It's sequestered on a quiet residential street in a residential community directly across the street from the parking lot, ski lift, and the mountain at Heavenly Valley. At the same time, it's also really close to all the casinos and hub-bub of Stateline NV and South Lake Tahoe. It has an underground parking garage with free valet parking. There a shuttle bus to the casinos for a nominal fee. The heated outdoor pool is small, but enjoyable. The rooftop tennis court is a nice amenity too in warmer weather. The lobby is adequate, though more 3 star quality than 4 stars like the rooms. The restaurant is only open for buffet breakfast ($11) but the bar & lounge are open in the evening for "pub fare" and drinks. The property is well maintained and, although the rooms and furnishings are in nice condition, the owners association is contemplating a complete room renovation program for 2006-2007 which would remove the jacuzzis, make the rooms handicapped accessible, and completely re- decorate with new furnishings and hi-tech electronics. We found management to be reponsive; although the front desk personnel weren't overly friendly (though they were helpful if pressed). We are definitely coming back next year!

      Oct 1, 2005
    • Avatar for cheapfireman
      By: cheapfireman

      Be going here since the place opened. Was one of the first to be abused by the pushy sales staff back in 85'. We have been trading into this resort for many years.Have always enjoyed our stay until Our April 2004 winter expierence, I have got to tell you they have lost it.

      The night manager is a great guy been there since I first started staying there, he has little to do about how they operate during the day. There is an evil woman that calls herself the Assistant General Manager. To put it bluntly if you have to deal with here your stay is ruined, we left Four days early because of the lack of customer commitment, and poor room condition.

      We checked in and got to our room, the guy leaves and we attempt to light the fireplace to find out it is broken. The up stairs sends down a guy who works on it for 45min and then shows me how we will have to go through a special lighting procedure because the thermal thing won't keep the pilot light on. Ok I can handle that. Knock, knock, pizza!, lets see where are the paper towels, oh no paper towels, ok cleenex ,oh no cleenex, ok how about TP, oh only 1/4 a roll on the spinner better leave that, hum how about towels, washcloths, oh only one set. So it turns out that this room was not even ready it needed everything including the vacuum and from the looks of it had been a long time. Ok we got everything lets re-light the fire and go to bed. Oh what’s this the fold out bed does not fold out properly, your feet are at least 1 foot below your head great if you like sleeping on a hill. We figured out a way to to fix the bed to prop it up and make it level, the maintenance guy helped with that, but this will need to be done every night when we go to bed.

      The next day our room filled with diesel fumes form the garage, apparently they are replacing the carpet on that floor and the glue smell is so strong that some genius decides to open the door to the garage, Then the extremely incompetent assistant general manager says they have fans in the garage" I think to my self "so") they were not on and since the air is cold even if they were on the air pressure of the garage is far greater than that of the hall and rooms thus filling those spaces with its contents, is carbon monoxide. They did not care I think we were the only ones on that renovation floor.

      The last day raw sewage starts coming up from the drain of our hot tub. And I mean this is nasty stuff. And The Assistant manage once again finds no problem with it. 20 years I’ve been going there and its been almost 1 year since this incident and it still makes our family's blood boil. Well let’s see my maintenance fee in Vail was 829.00 year plus RCI membership at 100.00 year plus the trade fee of 139.00 and we stayed for 4 days that’s over 1000.00 for the exchange. When I complained and told her I was going to right RCI I got the biggest CYA letter you have ever seen. She still never fixed the problems we expierenced.

      This place is dated with hot tubs that are in the room with just a couple of jets, the rooms are dirty, the floors need to be cleaned and remember if you stay on the bottom floors that raw sewage from the upper sewage lines is a regular experience. So sanitize the tub before you use it or you might get real sick from their negligence. Their respect of this property is evident in their values for their resale’s going very cheap here and even less on eBay. The pool area is getting run down, their restaurant menu is good but the chef/cook is lacking in qualityand ability and their management in Particular the “Assistant General Managers” style and ability to manage are wrong for this establishment. The owners are loosing their power and have put a management group in that does not serve their interests. Will I continue to stay there? A resounding NO not on vacation not for a night I work to hard for my money I go to enjoy a resort not be part of their poor operational decisions, my families health is more important.

      Jan 11, 2005 (Updated Jan 11, 2005)
    • Avatar for spidahh
      By: spidahh

      We stayed here in August, 2004 and left 3 days early. Had all the wrong combinations. Wasn't a hotel-they had closed the dinner restaurant. Wasn't a condo-no utencils, cups, bowls, silverware, etc. We had to get a spoon from the bartender. No outside lanai or balcony. Constant noise as we were stuck in a room over the drive-in area. Units were smaller than most condos. People working there were friendly-they had to compensate for the lack of product somehow.

      Sep 30, 2004
    • Avatar for gocbw
      By: gocbw

      great location. walk to lifts and great valets!

      has on-site restaurant and bar. full service ski shop with discount lift tix.

      rooms are nice with a huge combination shower/whirlpool tub. what sofa sleeper is comfortable!

      if skiing at heavenly, this is the place to stay.

      Mar 12, 2003
    • Avatar for dunk
      By: dunk

      Beautiful Hotel style resort at Heavenly Valley. Valet parking, bell service, 24 hour front desk, room service, full service ski shop, walk to lifts, free shuttle to casinos. Great all season location.

      Mar 6, 2003
    • Avatar for etanneh
      By: etanneh

      Tahoe Seasons Resort is an older resort. The units are small and the sleep sofa was impossible to sleep on. The units were clean. The service was excellent.

      Feb 2, 2003
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