Pinecliff Village

Ruidoso, New Mexico

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Timeshare reviews at Pinecliff Village

Ruidoso, New Mexico


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    By jimi Jun 19, 2003

    We were assigned room 401,and I don't know the condition of the other rooms(could'nt be reassigned) but this one was REALLY BAD!! Supposedly non smoking but with dirty ,burned carpets.Beds were so old they were back breakers.The mini blinds were bent and broken (we had to use sheets for privacy) The exterior stucco was broken and cracked and was crawling with snails,came under the door too. The management really is at fault for allowing 10-12 people in a 2BR. unit. The front desk said they knew of the problems,because our unit was not one of the refurbished units. (People told us that they have been "refurbishing" for 10 years! )Needless to say we did'nt stay.There's always motel 6.. Ha!

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