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About Vacation Internationale Resorts

Vacation Internationale, the pioneer in points-based timeshare vacationing, offers 26 resort locations in three countries. Resort locations include Hawaii, Mexico, and many along the west coast of the U.S.

Vacation Internationale owners have ultimate flexibility and choice in vacationing - from a long weekend at a local resort to an exotic tropical destination, to luxury cruises.

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  Points Allotment Banked Anniv Use Type Price  
Points: 77 Banked: 0 Anniv: Jun Use: Annual Type: RTU Price: $8,900 ($115.584/ea) View posting
Points: 91 Banked: 182 Anniv: Jul Use: Odd Type: RTU Price: $500 ($10.989/ea) View posting
RedWeek Verified Points: 105 Banked: 0 Anniv: Apr Use: Annual Type: RTU Price: $2,625 ($25.000/ea) View posting
Points: 120 New! Banked: 316 Anniv: Jul Use: Annual Type: RTU Price: $2,500 ($20.833/ea) View posting

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