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Welk Resort Group Timeshare Resorts

Welk Resorts are known for being especially golfer-friendly, each with championship level golf courses. Each Welk Resort timeshare property is rated as RCI Gold Crown, the exchange company's most distinguished resort class, due to their top-of-the-line services and amenities.

Points for Sale: Intervals at Welk Resorts Platinum Points-affiliated Resorts

Welk Resorts Platinum Points points are not to buy or sell. These postings are for timeshare intervals affiliated with Welk Resorts Platinum Points, and require participation in the Welk Resorts Platinum Points program to receive benefit. Make sure you know what the underlying interval is before making a purchase. All Welk Resorts Platinum Points rules, restrictions and limitations apply.

Timeshare Points
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Point Allotment Banked Anniv Use Type Price
120,000   0   Jan Odd RTU $6,300 ($0.105/ea) View
120,000   0   Jan Annual Deed $4,500 ($0.038/ea) View
120,000   0   Aug Even Deed $1,500 ($0.025/ea) View
120,000   120,000   Feb Odd RTU $9,000 ($0.150/ea) View
120,000   0   Jan Annual Deed $12,500 ($0.104/ea) View
120,000   0   Jan Even Deed $4,950 ($0.083/ea) View
NEW! 180,000   0   Aug Annual Deed $18,000 ($0.100/ea) View
NEW! 240,000   0   Jan Annual RTU $3,500 ($0.015/ea) View
240,000   0   Jan Odd Deed $14,750 ($0.123/ea) View
240,000   0   Jan Annual RTU $24,000 ($0.100/ea) View
240,000   0   Feb Annual Deed $27,000 ($0.113/ea) View
300,000   0   Jun Even Deed $15,500 ($0.103/ea) View
360,000   0   Oct Annual Deed $16,999 ($0.047/ea) View
360,000   0   Jan Even RTU $29,000 ($0.161/ea) View
NEW! 360,000   360,000   Mar Annual RTU $30,000 ($0.083/ea) View
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