10 Holiday Travel Tips from the Twittersphere

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Are you headed out and about this holiday season? Perhaps you’ll be renting a timeshare at a dream Christmas vacation destination. ‘Tis the season to be jolly – or at least try to be – which can be a challenge if you’ll be part of the busy holiday travel scene. Well, here’s some help. US Airways turned to its more than 80,000 @USAirways Twitter followers to offer travel-savvy hints for breezing through the hustle and bustle of the holiday travel season.

For five days in November @USAirways asked members of its Twittersphere to tweet their helpful travel tips across several categories, including traveling with children, staying healthy and packing light. The two best tips of each day were selected and each Tweeter received a $100 US Airways gift card for their helpful tips. Here, in 140 characters or less, are the top 10 travel tip Tweets:

  1. @RNDMTHNKR: Make sure you remain calm- kids pick up the stress in adults. Make it fun by explaining what’s going on, they’re curious.
  2. @kctravels: Put items on the security belt in the order of how u would put them back together when they come out (shoes, belt, then suitcase).
  3. @avoidingregret: Travel tip: Make sure all your electronics (laptop, phone, camera) are fully charged before your flight!
  4. @VaReynolds: Pack either a black or brown wardrobe, not both. You’ll pack fewer shoes/boots. Less weight or space to bring more home!
  5. @SGelfond: Intl travel: Photocopy passport, lock all valuables in hotel safe, and alert credit card company about your trip before you go.
  6. @inanothercast1e: Always check in online. When you do, check your seat assignment as a preferable seat may have opened up after you booked!
  7. @ElizabethElmore: Order beverages on the flight that can help combat the “ickies,” like OJ, H20 or tea. Add vitamin C/Airborne for addtl. defense.
  8. @Cizzle1: forget the usual reading magazines & books, how about you personalize regular greeting cards with a message from the heart!!!
  9. @beazkidz: Don’t embarrass your mother. Make sure you don’t have holes in your socks when you check in at security for your holiday travel.
  10. @OSBO1102: Size matters! Flat (calendars), folding (scarf), fluffy (soft & takes no space), fine (jewelry). Big or breakable=bad potential!

“We hope that the helpful tips shared by our travel-savvy Twitter community will help provide a more joyful journey for our seasonal holiday travelers,” said US Airways Senior Vice President, Operations Planning and Support, Kerry Hester.

What is your top holiday travel tip? You can “tweet” about it in our comment section below or on twitter @redweektravel and include #traveltips.

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