Timeshare Travel – Stop Kids’ Boredom on the Road

published on April 4, 2013 by

With flying continuing to be such a hassle many families are opting to drive to their timeshare vacation. And a road trip does sound like it would be fun – the road, the music, the memorable scenery. That’s all true, if you don’t have kids.

Long drives can be carefree if you are responsible only for yourself. I mean, having endless conversation with family and friends should be enough to enjoy the whole journey.

But what if you have your kids with you? Naturally, they have short attention spans. If you don’t know the tricks, don’t be surprised that they will be throwing tantrums on the road. That can ruin the whole trip, can’t it? What do you have to do so you can prevent your children from being bored on the road?

You have found a quick guide right here.

1. Bring Favorite Toys. Before the trip, ask your children which toys they would like to bring. You have to tell them a rule. Why not ask him to bring not more than 5 of his favorite toys? Make sure that you place these toys beside him and not in the trunk. You would want to make these items easily reachable.

2. Have a Compact DVD Player. Is your child fond of watching Barney, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all those kiddie shows? These shows can definitely kill time. Portable DVD players are not that expensive and are a good investment.

3. Prepare Games. If you are not the most techno – savvy person and you don’t have a lot of gadgets, you better squeeze your creative juices. Think of games for your kids. Here’s one. Think of a letter. Let’s say letter B. You can ask your child to look for signs, items or words on the roads which start from this letter. It can be a bus station, bus, burger stand or bricks.

Compete with him and the rest of the group in the car and whoever listed the most words wins. Prepare simple surprises as the award for the winner like a pack of marshmallows or a lollipop.

With the tips above, I’m sure you and your children will enjoy the long drive. Have a blast on your trip!

One final tip – find a budget-friendly timeshare rental within just a few hours’ drive of home, and take a “nearcation.” The drive won’t be as long for the kids, and staying at a luxury resort will still give your family the feeling of having been on a great vacation getaway.

Our guest author, David Zielinski, is a creative writer who just published one of the best kids’ books about playground etiquette and social skills. This Misadventures of Fink the Mink is a must read for all the kids out there.

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