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3 Top Memorial Day Destinations for a Timeshare Vacation

Along with picnics and barbecues, Memorial Day celebrations are also about parades, marching bands, and, yes – memorials. Below are three top destinations where you can have a timeshare rental vacation and enjoy some of the best that Memorial Day has to offer.

  1. Boston. Where is there a more patriotic destination that Boston? The first thing you’ll want to do is head to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Boston Common, America’s oldest public park. Here you’ll see The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund garden of flags — all 20,000 of them (see photo). These commemorate the Massachusetts service members who have given their lives to defend the United States and our freedom.
    A ceremony to honor Massachusetts service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan will be held on the Common on Thursday, May 24th, 2012 at 10am.
    Boston timeshare rentals start at $214/night.
  2. Phoenix. The heat of summer has not yet arrived, and generally the weather for a Memorial Day celebration is on the perfect side. Head to Phoenix for a Memorial Day full of great music. The Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts in Tempe hosts its 10th annual Memorial Day Celebration that celebrates Marching Music, highlighting The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps, which will debut its 2012 musical production “Left of Spring.”
    Along with rousing music you’ll be able to enjoy family-style barbeque, raffles, auctions, and fun street performers.
    Greater Phoenix timeshare rentals start at just $71/night.
  3. Honolulu. This Hawaiian city is a fitting place to celebrate Memorial Day as it annually commemorates the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and those who lost their lives on that fateful Sunday. And this year marks the 50th anniversary of the USS Arizona Memorial.
    The 2012 Memorial Day observance of that anniversary will include instrumental and vocal ensembles from every state in the union, each acting as an ambassador from its individual state to the 5oth Anniversary commemoration.
    You also won’t want to miss the Lantern Floating Ceremony (see photo) held on Magic Island at the Ala Moana Park, every Memorial Day at sundown. More than 3,000 candlelit lanterns are set afloat on the ocean, a traditional Buddhist rite originating in Japan. The ceremony serves to honor those who have sacrificed their lives in war, and to pay respect to ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. Oahu timeshare rentals start at just $99/night.

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6 Best Pizza Spots in the U.S. Near Your Timeshare

‘Tis the season for holiday feasting – prime rib, roasted turkey, baked ham. Add homemade fudge, Christmas cookies, flaming bread pudding – and it’s time to get back to the basics. Food and Wine’s online magazine has listed its picks for the top places in the U.S. to find a great pizza. Each one of the 6 pizzarias listed below is near a timeshare rental – so here’s your chance to take a break from rich holiday fare, and chow down on just some really good pizza.

1. Boston, MA. Santarpio’s Pizza. This super traditional pizzeria, with wood paneled walls covered with pictures of famous athletes, has been around for more than a century. Signature Item: Homemade Sausage Pie.

Rent a Boston timeshare, or budget timeshare rentals within easy driving distance, including Cape Cod.

2. San Francisco. CA. Flour + Water. Their puffy, charred cornicione (end crust) is the result of just two minutes in the 800-degree wood-burning oven imported from Italy. Signature Item: Margherita – with tomato sauce, Fior di Latte (an especially flavorful type of mozerella), and extra-virgin olive oil.

Take a look at San Francisco timeshare rentals.

3. Brooklyn, NY. Di Fara. 72-year-old owner Domenico DeMarco (see photo) makes all the pies at this Brooklyn pizza mecca, so they come out with the perfect balance of tomato sauce (made fresh daily), mozzarella, and Grana Padano cheeses. You can find a Di Fara spin-off called Tagliare at LaGuardia Airport. Signature Item: Plain Pie.

Stay in New York City timeshare rentals for up to half the price of the city’s hotels.

4. Los Angeles, CA. Pizzaria Mozzo. This powerhouse team combines the best California ingredients (squash blossoms, trumpet mushrooms) with Italian tradition (big wood-burning ovens and house-made mozzarella) to form L.A.’s best pies. Signature Item: Squash blossoms, tomato and burrata (a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream).

Check out these budget-friendly California timeshare rentals.

5. Providence, RI. Al Forno. In 1980, this pizzaria launched a new era of ambitious cooking in Providence with their thin-crusted grilled pizzas topped with superfresh ingredients. Signature Item: Margarita – with house-made pomodoro (a thick sauce that uses diced fresh tomatoes), fresh herbs, two cheeses and extra virgin olive oil.

Rhode Island has many budget-friendly timeshare rentals from which to choose.

6. Phoeniz, AZ. Pizzaria Blanco. The pizzas here are arguably America’s best, with beautiful, wood-fired crusts made with organic flour, fresh mozzarella and house-made sausage. There’s almost always a line out the door. Signature Item: Marinara pizza (star pizzaiolo Chris Bianco’s favorite).

Stay in a Greater Phoenix timeshare rental and enjoy a warm winter getaway along with your pizza.

Read Food and Wine’s entire article for all 25 of their best pizza picks.

Do you have a favorite pizza place? Tell us what and where!

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Take a Timeshare Vacation to Plimoth Plantation: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Destination

The tradition of our American Thanksgiving has a fascinating history, and at no place does that come more alive than in Plymouth, Massachusetts. To really become immersed in what the first Thanksgiving was all about, take a timeshare rental trip with your family to Plimoth Plantation.

Starting at the beginning – where the Pilgrims actually built their homes and began their new lives in the New World – Plimoth Plantation brings to life what it was like to live as the Pilgrims did in 1627.

A Pilgrim village, a Wampanoag homesite, and the Mayflower II are all part of the living museum of Plimoth Plantation. Set on the shore of Plymouth Harbor, Plimoth (the old English spelling) Plantation (a word that was used interchangeably with “colony”) depicts a 17th century village that would have had only 200 residents, 60 of them children.

Museum docents dressed in 1627-style clothing, go about their daily business, from picking the last cabbages in the garden, to repairing thatched roofs, to mending a wool cloak. You can interact with these “residents” and learn history as each speaks to you as though you were a time-traveler to their “present” day.

Plimoth Plantation offers three different styles of Thanksgiving dinner from which you can choose.

The Harvest Dinner is a true journey into the past. This meal is the closest to what the pilgrims would have been eating in the early 1600s. The menu includes such items as “a beet sallet,” “a dish of turkey, sauc’d” and “stewed pompion.” During this meal, which is served on various weekends through October and November, you’ll also learn 1600s table manners and be entertained with psalms and songs.

The Thanksgiving Day Buffet, available on the one day only, offers history lessons as well, but with a more modern “traditional” menu. The early Pilgrims would not have had sugar for pies, or fresh greens for tossed salads. But for this dining experience you’ll not only have your choice of pumpkin or apple pie, and a fresh garden salad, but Cape Cod cranberry sauce (another item lacking from the pilgrims’ table).

America’s Thanksgiving Dinner is the third choice. Here you’ll sit down with a classic menu of roast turkey with all of the New England trimmings. Cider cake and Ginger bread are also a part of the main course. While you enjoy your meal costumed Pilgrim role players and Native interpreters greet you. This dinner offering is available on both Thanksgiving Day, and on Friday.

Advanced reservations are required for the 3 different dinner plans, and tickets go on sale as early as June 1st. However, currently there are some reservations still available from Plimoth Plantation for two of the several seatings of the 2011 Thanksgiving Day Buffet. Budget-friendly timeshare rentals are available in Boston and on Cape Cod – both within easy driving distance of Plimoth Plantation.

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun from Your Boston Timeshare

Boston is without a doubt the most iconic Irish city in the U.S. So what better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Rent a Boston timeshare, or plan a timeshare rental just an hour away on the seashores of Cape Cod, then don your Green, and start practicing your brogue.

Historically Boston gained its large Irish population because it was the largest port closest to Ireland, and thus was the quickest and cheapest American destination for Irish immigrants, especially with those fleeing the potato famine in the mid-1800s, although the Irish began concentrating in the area as early as colonial times.

The culture, music, and food of the Irish people now permeate Boston, and comes bounding to the forefront in the celebration of all things Irish for St. Patrick’s Day.

The headliner is the exciting St. Patrick’s Day Parade, always held on the Sunday following St. Patrick’s Day. In 2011, the parade will be held at one o’clock Sunday afternoon, March 20. Featuring marching bands and bag pipe bands from throughout the U.S., as well as visiting bag pipe bands from Ireland, along with colorful floats and Irish step dancers, the parade will wind its way through South Boston – the city’s most Irish neighborhood.

While waiting for the day of the parade, you can find many other activities to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Boston way. One of the most popular is Boston’s Irish Heritage Trail. A fascinating self-guided, three mile walking tour, it starts at the Rose Kennedy Rose Garden, and includes Boston’s downtown, North End, Beacon Hill and Back Bay. Along the way you’ll learn about famous politicians, artists, matriarchs and war heroes all “part of a rich tradition of colonial rebellion, leadership and triumph that personifies the Boston Irish.”

One person you can learn even more about is Boston’s (and Ireland’s) favorite son, John F. Kennedy. The JFK Library and Museum is located in Boston, at Columbia Point, and is open daily. The museum’s director suggests that while you are there; take a moment to enjoy the spectacular views of the city across the water from the dramatic glass pavilion atrium.

The week of St. Patrick’s Day, from March 13-18, 2011, you can also participate in Boston’s Restaurant Week. This is a great opportunity to sample Boston’s fine dining at discount prices – and see what the chefs come up with for a St. Patrick’s Day feast.

And if you stop by historic Faneuil Hall in the Quincy Market Colonnade during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, you’ll not only find budget dining, but local Irish Step Dancing groups providing hand-clapping entertainment, as well.

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Enjoy National Clam Chowder Day at Your Timeshare

Clam chowder! The very words can warm you to your toes on a cold winter’s day. February 25th is “National Clam Chowder Day,” and there are some great timeshare rental destinations where you can celebrate.

Before you head out to enjoy your steaming bowl of award-winning clam chowder, here is some fun trivia:

  • Clam Chowder may have been the first truly American soup, originating in the New England area during the 1800s.
  • Chowder clams are sometimes referred to as Quahogs.
  • The term chowder originated from the word ‘chaudiere’ which is French for the ‘large pot’ that was used by fishermen to cook fish stews.
  • Today clam chowder is an established icon of American cooking and is made all over the world.

Now, you must remember that there are two distinct styles of clam chowder: New England Clam Chowder containing cream and no tomatoes (see photo), and Manhattan Clam Chowder made with a tomato broth base. The New England-style vs. Manhattan-style debate has gone on for years.

The “learn anything” web site, tells us this: Some trace the origins of Manhattan clam chowder to the Italian immigrant population that arrived in New York City in the 1890s. It was featured on the menu at famous Delmonico’s restaurant in Manhattan, and when imitated by other chefs, was referred to as Manhattan clam chowder. New Englanders, who were very protective of their cream based chowder, were horrified. In fact, in 1939 the Maine state legislature considered a bill to make it a statutory offense to put tomatoes in clam chowder.

Whichever is your fancy, here are some ideas on where to go and how to celebrate. All over the country restaurants will be offering specials and promotions.

  1. Boston
    Rent a timeshare at Marriott’s Custom House and enjoy award-winning clam chowder at the Neptune Oyster, where the clam chowder is rich and thick, or at the Atlantic Fish Co. where the chowder is served in your choice of a cup or a bread bowl.
  2. New York City
    Rent a NYC timeshare and celebrate at Ed’s Chowder House, a classy restaurant in the Upper West Side that has a great chowder sampler, or at the AquaGrill in SoHo where their version of Manhattan clam chowder is made with fresh tomatoes.
  3. San Francisco
    A San Francisco timeshare rental will allow you to enjoy clam chowder at the Blue Mermaid Chowder House, along with authentic San Francisco sour dough bread, at Fisherman’s Wharf. Or, head across the Bay to Berkeley’s Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto. Spenger’s will honor National Clam Chowder Day by serving a cup of their award-winning clam chowder for just a $1.21, inspired by the fact that the restaurant is also celebrating its 121st anniversary.

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Six New England Playgrounds on a Timeshare Budget

Renting a timeshare for a New England vacation is a great way to tour on a budget. Having a timeshare rental provides an affordable base for visiting the varied beauty of the region.

New England offers the best skiing and hiking in the northeast – from beginner to most challenging and everything in between. Its coastline is instantly recognizable from the famous rugged Maine coast to the protected white sand beaches and dunes of Cape Cod.

Here are New England six destination playgrounds with fun for the entire family:

  1. In Massachusetts, Boston is a magnet for history and museum buffs, and offers a pleasing mixture of old and new from the heritage of Beacon Hill to the new and bold architecture ideas on the waterfront. Walk the Boston Public Gardens and the Freedom Trail stopping to soak up the atmosphere of Quincy Market for refreshment, before embracing the poignant holocaust memorial. No cars needed just a good pair of walking shoes.
  2. 60 miles south of Boston is Cape Cod with its miles of unbroken white sand beaches and bike trails. Cape Cod burst at its seams during the summer with most families renting for a week or two, but its magic is year round and an ideal getaway destination for the fall and spring. Come visit the whales in season and watch the largest mammals on earth perform for you – cameras and sunscreen obligatory.
  3. Newport, Rhode Island, was once the playground of the wealthy who left a legacy of mansions and gardens now open to the public for viewing. The Newport waterfront is a dazzling array of alleys and side streets filled with shops and galleries and the atmosphere of its sailing past. Take a cruise in the harbor and spot a 12-meter preparing for recovery of the America’s Cup or learn how the British destroyed the town but not its spirit.
  4. Northern New England boasts deep clear lakes and tall peaks for hiking and skiing. Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest body of water in the New Hampshire Lakes Region and timeshare vacationers enjoy the excellent water related activities during the day and the fine restaurant life in the surrounding villages at night. Short easy walks in the foothills of the White Mountains invite travelers to explore and experience breathtaking views of the lake from different vantage points.
  5. North Conway is one of the gateways into New Hampshire’s majestic White Mountain National Forest and is full of resorts catering for summer, fall and winter visitors. Here is your base for great hiking and superb skiing, and family fun such as Storyland and Santa’s Village for the young. The area is famous for its fall foliage color and scenic drives but book your rental lodging early to avoid disappointment and missing nature’s fiery show.
  6. Vermont is famous for its rural landscape and farms, and skiing destinations. It’s no accident Maria Von Trapp of Sound of Music Von Trapp family fame, settled in Stowe. Nestled between two mountain ranges in Northern Vermont, Stowe reminded Maria of her alpine homeland. Stowe, along with Smuggler’s Notch, provides family mountain activities throughout summer and winter with festivals and special events such as antique car shows and ice carving. And then in the spring when the sap runs, maple sugaring begins and all are welcome to see the liquid gold produced.

This is just a sample of new England destinations. To discover more about these and other places to visit check out this New England Vacations Guide and download your free destination reports.

This piece was submitted by our friends at New England Vacations Guide.

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Labor Day Sailing Fun at Your Boston Timeshare

For all of you who have salt water in your veins and love to spend time around the sea, the 26th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is the perfect Labor Day Weekend event. Just 30 miles from your Boston timeshare rental, Gloucester celebrates the major contribution of the classic fishing schooner to the history of Gloucester and Massachusetts.

Over the weekend the city’s harbor, the oldest fishing port on the Atlantic Coast, is filled with the sails of over 50 authentic old schooners and their replicas. And the festival is a rousing celebration from start to finish.

The actual start of the Gloucester Schooner Festival is a huge Block Party Friday evening, September 3rd. Here you’ll be able to meet and mingle with other festival-goers, all here for one thing – good old fashioned fun, from music and dancing in the street to a cinema under the stars to children’s art activities.

During the day on Saturday, September 4th, you’ll have many activities to keep you busy. Start with the Walking Tour of Gloucester’s Working Waterfront. Using 1880 maps and historic photographs, your Schooner Adventure guide will take you back to the waterfront’s fishing heyday.

A visit to the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is where you’ll learn what it was like to sail on a fishing schooner 100 years ago. Your kids will love getting up close and personal to a working vintage fog horn – which they can actually blow themselves.
The U.S. Coast Guard Station is also open for public tours on this day.

Boat races for traditional craft go through the afternoon, and then it’s time for the “Parade of Lights,” complete with fireworks over Gloucester Harbor.

Sunday, September 5th, opens with the stunning “Parade of Sail.” All participating schooners raise sail and glide down the harbor, to accompanying announcements of the name of each ship and a bit of its history. You might even see an authentic cannon fired in salute from one of the ships.

Sunday afternoon the highlight of the Festival is the exciting Mayor’s Race for the Esperanto Cup, a trophy from the first International Fishermen’s Races held in 1920. This centerpiece race for 100-ft Schooners showcases beautiful ships and the well-trained crews that sail them.

A timeshare rental will give you and your family the chance to enjoy a truly American Labor Day Weekend celebration, one that is unique but also filled with the fun and excitement that every end-of-summer party should be.

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Timeshare Destinations to Celebrate July 4th

It’s time to Celebrate America! And what better way to join in the festivities than to rent a timeshare at one of the following “Best Places to Celebrate the Fourth of July.”

Boston Timeshares
The east coast rather has a monopoly on where to make merry on Independence Day, seeing as how it’s the site of the birth of America, starting with Boston. Boston is considered one of the premier July 4th destinations, with more than 200 events filling up a week-long calendar. At this patriotic celebration, known as Boston Harborfest (see photo), most of the events are free and include fireworks, concerts, kids’ days, cruises, and tours. The main component of Boston’s Independence Day festivities is the free Boston Pops Concert and Fireworks Display. Plan to arrive early with beach chairs or blankets to guarantee good seats. A timeshare rental in historic Boston will put you in the perfect spot to whoop it up for the U.S.A. See Boston timeshares.

Cape Cod Timeshares
Just over an hour from Boston is where you can rent a timeshare on Cape Cod. Using this as your hub, you can choose from several Independence Day celebrations on Cape Cod as well as its neighbors, Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard. On Cape Cod don’t miss the Hyannis Boat Parade “a veritable fleet of patriotically decorated boats and yachts.” For old-fashioned family fun, head to Nantucket for a picnic with three-legged races and even a tug-o-war.

San Diego Timeshares
On the west coast, rent a San Diego timeshare and join the revelry of barbecues, bonfires and fantastic fireworks. From carnivals to the San Diego County Fair to the Freedom Day Parade, you’ll find plenty to keep the family entertained while waiting for the real action – the no-holds-barred, all-out fireworks display of the Big Bay Celebration, shot from barges off Harbor Island and Shelter Island.

Caribbean Timeshares
Rent a Caribbean timeshare and celebrate the Fourth of July in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Since St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John are the only U.S.-owned islands in the Caribbean, they pull out all the stops to celebrate American Independence Day. Here you can party by drinking rum instead of beer, and enjoy the Caribbean-flavored Fourth of July Parade on St. John under swaying palms.

Washington, D.C. Area Timeshares
Washington, D.C., is the Number One place to be to celebrate America’s birthday. Rent a timeshare and head to Constitution Avenue for the massive National Independence Day Parade, which showcases lavish floats, bands, giant balloons, and military groups. As evening falls on the Fourth, the free “A Capitol Fourth” concert kicks off on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building. The grand finale is one of the nation’s largest fireworks displays, visually impressive in the night sky above the Washington Monument.

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Fun Tour Idea for your Father’s Day Timeshare Vacation

Father’s Day will be here before you know it. And isn’t he just about the hardest one to find a gift for? Well, let’s forget the ties and the socks and think – what can we get him that’s “Fantastic!” A timeshare rental vacation is the perfect Father’s Day gift for every great Dad out there!

Need some ideas for a Father’s Day timeshare destination? How about a city where there is a “Hop-on-Hop-off” Tour? These tours allow Dad to create his own tour of a city, which comes complete with “lively” tour guides to keep the family entertained and informed.

A timeshare rental at the Manhattan Club in New York City will put Dad and the family in the perfect location for the Tour of this fabulous town. Here you’ll all be riding the distinctive red double-decker buses, and you can choose from several different tours. The Downtown Loop includes stops at the Empire State Building, Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza. The Brooklyn Loop will take you to the Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Antique Furniture District, and much more. For a different spin on the tours try the Night Loop. See the “glittering lights of the city that never sleeps,” along with a stop in Brooklyn for magnificent views of Manhattan’s night skyline.

A San Francisco timeshare rental will give Dad the opportunity to design his own itinerary of the City by the Bay. The Hop-on-Hop-off tour here covers the beauty and the culture of the bay area, with stops at Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and Chinatown, among many others. It even includes a ferry ride over to Alcatraz.

A Washington D.C. area timeshare rental will allow Dad and the family to create an itinerary that is sure to please everybody, and in this city the tours take place on a fun trolley. The “Orange Loop” will take you to the National Mall, with stops at all of the Smithsonian museums, as well as stops at every memorial and monument. The “Green Loop” travels uptown through fascinating Embassy Row, to the National Zoo and the National Cathedral. Or choose the “Red Loop” – a shuttle to Arlington Cemetery where you can see the eternal flame on President John F. Kennedy’s grave, and watch the precision Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Boston Hop-on-Hop-off Tour is the easiest way to get around this fascinating city. Rent a Boston timeshare and the family can visit this very historic town by getting off the trolley at 17 different stops, including everything from the Boston State House and Boston Commons to Fenway Park.

Go ahead – give Dad some socks. But hide an announcement of the timeshare rental trip down inside, for a surprise Father’s Day gift Dad will always remember.

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Timeshare Rental Vacation Makes a Great Graduation Gift

PhotobucketIt’s college Graduation season! And the big test question is – What do you get the college graduate in this day and age? A pretty pen just won’t do it any more. Test question answers that garner high marks often come from thinking outside the box. So here’s a suggestion: a great graduation gift is a timeshare rental vacation. You can either send the graduate (and family, or a group of friends) on a much deserved rest or to a destination that ties in with the subject of that hard-earned degree.

For example, an art major would enjoy getting to stay at the Manhattan Club in New York City and spending time in that city’s many art museums. The Guggenheim Museum, world famous since its opening in 1959, might also appeal to an architecture major. Not only does this museum house some of the world’s most revered paintings, but its iconic building was the last major work by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A Washington, D.C., area timeshare rental would allow the art major to see paintings in the National Gallery that are so well known that most American children have seen them in textbooks since grade school. What a thrill to see them in person! Washington, D.C., is also a great destination for both history and aeronautics majors.

American history majors would certainly enjoy staying at a timeshare in Boston. Walking the “Freedom Trail” definitely brings the beginnings of America up close and personal. And from Boston America’s real start can be seen in Plymouth, just an hour away. Or send the history graduate to the Historical Triangle in Virginia, where a timeshare rental in Williamsburg also gives access to Jamestown and Yorktown.

If the graduate just needs a break, how about a timeshare trip to the Caribbean? There are so many budget Caribbean timeshare rentals on their many islands that you’re bound to find a good fit. Remember that Puerto Rico does not require a passport. San Juan is known for its nightlife, and the island’s white sand beaches alongside azure blue waters are as relaxing and beautiful as anywhere in the Caribbean.

From the west coast send the graduate to a Hawaii timeshare. Each Hawaiian island has its own distinctive personality, and each has timeshare rentals easy on any budget. The miles of beaches along beautiful coastlines, soft trade winds fragrant with the scents of orchids and plumeria blossoms, and stunning sunsets – all will work wonders on any graduate.

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