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ARDA Announces “The Timeshare Effect”

The Timeshare Effect initiative, a look at how timeshare vacations have a positive effect on lifestyle, family memories, and finances, is inspired by the “Travel Effect,” a campaign by the U.S. Travel Association.

The Timeshare Effect was developed by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) to highlight the link between timeshare vacations and their effect on owners.

“We hear from our owners every day about how their lives have changed because of their timeshare ownership,” said Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA.

“We wanted to capture this anecdotal sentiment with hard facts for other would-be timeshare owners,” Nusbaum said.

The Timeshare Effect covers three areas: finances, lifestyle, and family.

1. Financial
On the financial side, it’s clear that owning a timeshare enables families to take annual vacations for much less than what they would pay for a traditional hotel.

On average you can save 50% to 60% of what you would normally pay for a vacation. And your money stretches farther when you consider that instead of staying in a cramped hotel room you will be staying in condo-like accommodations at luxury resorts.

The timeshare kitchen alone is a big help in saving money since you don’t have to budget in the huge cost of eating out for three meals a day.

2. Lifestyle 
In addition to the financial savings, owning a timeshare has significant effects on lifestyle.

Since timeshare owners have essentially prepaid for their annual vacation, they are much more likely to take that vacation, which leads to many health and wellness benefits.

Owners enjoy beautiful resorts in great locations that offer flexibility and space for everyone.

3. Family Memories 
And there is nothing better than a regular vacation to create lifelong family memories.

Three out of four adults over 55 say they still have vivid memories of their childhood vacations, and 55 percent of adults want to create similar memories for their children and grandchildren.

A whopping 93 percent of kids say that vacations mean a chance to spend quality time with their parents. When traveling with grandparents, 60% of kids say it brings them closer together.

See The Timeshare Effect infographic for more fun information.

Consider buying a timeshare resale. You can also vacation in a timeshare rental first, to see how timeshare vacations can have a positive effect on your family’s vacation finances, lifestyle and family memories.

Source: ARDA
* All statistics from U.S. Travel’s Travel Effect

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Timeshare Travel: 4 Places You Thought You Couldn’t Afford

These days so many people are on a budget – singles, families, retirees – and the thought of going on a real vacation can seem out of the question, especially if it’s to somewhere exotic or exciting. Timeshare can change all that.

Whether you buy a timeshare or rent a timeshare, your accommodations are taken care of, and all you have to do is find the inexpensive and even free things to do

Here are four vacation destinations where you may have never thought you could afford to go – and we’ll show you how you can!

1. St. Barts (see top photo).  Now is the perfect time to go to the Caribbean – hurricane season is over, and the beaches are warm and wonderful. And you don’t have to own a yacht to have a great time. For example, St. Barts, or actually Saint Barthelemy, is a fun Caribbean island that is actually part of the French West Indies.

Another French West Indies island where you can find many budget-friendly timeshare rentals, and even resales, is Saint Martin, which happens to be just 22 miles from St. Barts. Stay on Saint Martin and hop a quick 10-minute ride over.

While on St. Barts you can beach-hop the free public beaches with a picnic either prepared in your timeshare kitchen, or from locally grown foods found not only in the supermarkets but also at farmer’s markets.

If you visit during the bi-annual soldes – the twice-yearly official French sales season – you’ll be able to shop for deeply discounted local wares and souvenirs.

2. Paris Yes, you can make the glittering City of Light an affordable travel location. Here’s how: rent a budget-friendly timeshare, or buy a timeshare on the resale market. Then head out and enjoy Paris with these tips: It’s free to stroll one of the world’s grandest boulevards, the Champs-Elysees, or admire the blossoms in the Tuileries Gardens.

Buy an economical Paris Visite pass for unlimited travel on the city’s subways and buses. Dine the “bistronomy” way, in smart, relaxed bistros offering hearty but fairly inexpensive three-course meals.

3. Hawaii.Even pricey Hawaii can be an affordable travel location by using timeshare rentals. For example, it can be inexpensive to stay right on Waikiki – try the Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club where timeshare rentals currently start at just $99/night.

Many of Hawaii’s parks  are free or have minimal fees from the black-sand beach at Punalu’u Beach Park to the stunning black lava fields of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. And it costs absolutely nothing to relax on Hawaii’s free public beaches and swim in its clear, jade seas.

Feast like a Hawaiian King by buying fresh seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables at inexpensive farmer’s markets and preparing your favorite Polynesian dishes right in your timeshare kitchen.

4. New York City. This is another big city that screams expensive – but doesn’t have to be. There are timeshare rentals right in downtown Manhattan that start at just $125/night.

Many of the city’s attractions are free, including: the urban esplanade known as the High Line; the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian; and the moving 9/11 Memorial.

Don’t forget a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for an amazing view of the city’s skyline. And a fun ride on the Staten Island Ferry gets you right out into busy New York Harbor – for free.

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7 Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Timeshare Traveler

If you have people on your holiday gift list who vacation with timeshare that means they are connoisseurs of luxury, whether that be a budget-friendly timeshare rental or owning their own timeshare at a luxury resort.

However, getting to that timeshare destination can often mean enduring a long flight, often with airport layovers. So give them gifts of luxurious comfort and convenience – after all, they’ll expect nothing less. Associated Press travel editor Beth J. Harpaz offers these 7 top gift suggestions:

1. Noise-Cancelling Head Phones. For music lovers, how about upgrading flimsy earbuds to a set of headphones? While top-pick Bose headphones are pricey, Consumer Reports also gives high ratings to many models under $100, including headphones from Able Planet, JVC and Audio-Technica.

2. Travel Pillow. Here is comfort with a twist – a neck pillow with built-in speakers. It plugs into an MP3 player or iPod. The speakers are inside the U-shaped pillow so they sit beneath your chin on either side. You can hear the music without disturbing the person sitting next to you.

3. Packing Cubes. (see photo) Typically made from lightweight fabrics with zippers, packing cubes come in various sizes designed to fit inside luggage. They not only compress clothing so you can fit more in, but also make it easy to organize belongings. If checked luggage exceeds weight restrictions, a cube can be removed and carried.

4. Personal Care. This can include things such as the Air Repair skin care kit, which includes cleansers and moisturizers; garment care items like The Laundress Crease Release spray; and the Go Smile kit that has toothpastes and fold-up toothbrush.

5. Comfy Legs. Socks with treads, soft washable slippers or compression socks can make flights more bearable. A lift underfoot while seated can also make a long flight more comfortable. Portable footrests come in lightweight plastic fold-up types or in an inflatable cushion style.

6. Chargers. With travelers taking more and more electronics with them, a convenient way of charging all of these gadgets is a must. There are a number of travel chargers available that can power electronics on the go, including battery-powered and solar-powered chargers that work even when you have no access to an electric outlet.

7. De-Stress. Help your travelers de-stress while en route. A gift card for XpresSpa offers manicures, pedicures, haircuts, facials, shaves, massages and other services at 46 airport spas. does not endorse this list.

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Tips for Healthy Travel on Your Timeshare Vacation

The summer travel season is upon us, and many of you are already planning your timeshare vacation. Traveling is never easy and with all the lack of rest as well as outside food we are forced to consume, falling ill is a possibility. So, how do you stay healthy and avoid the doctor? A few simple tips and alteration in lifestyle go a long way in eliminating several health risks. It is not only bad food or lack of nutrition that takes a toll. Fatigue and lack of exercise too are contributing factors.

The Timeshare Plan 

• Breakfast. One of the great things about a timeshare vacation, whether you own or are renting, is that you have your own kitchen. This allows you to fix healthy breakfasts and not have to rely on hotel breakfasts that are high in calories and fats. Fruits are healthy as well as delicious, whole grain cereals are filling and yogurt aids digestion, something you need to consider if you are visiting a foreign country.

• Lunch. A light lunch is better. Loading your stomach with food, and dessert as well, will make you feel stuffed and ill at ease while traveling. If you are going for a bumpy bus ride, a heavy lunch is a recipe for disaster. Salads and vegetable sandwiches in moderation are good. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water. Alcohol intake should be limited.

• Exercise. You might notice that you put on weight after each trip. Blame it on the calorific menu and a lazy schedule. A run on the treadmill at the timeshare resort’s exercise facility, or even a few laps in the pool, not only relax you but also help digestion. Exercise also aids your immune system. You can even pack in a skipping rope or jog in front of your TV set if you prefer working out alone.

The Airplane Plan 

• Not everyone can handle plane travel with ease. It helps a lot if you are feeling fine when you board the plane. If you are already ill, the stress and queasiness will make you feel a hundred times worse. If it is a psychological problem relating to stress, then drink green tea or some warm beverage to soothe the nerves.

• Layered clothing of a comfortable fabric too is good. If it’s a night flight, try not to use the airline provided pillow and blanket especially if you have an allergy. If you are on medication or suffer from an allergy, keep your medication handy in case of an emergency. Drinking water and staying hydrated helps.

• Avoid airline alcohol as it contains more sodium and this can lead to swelling of hands and feet. Never fly hungry. At least have a light meal and try to take some snack along. Packing your own food is the best option if you need food low on cholesterol or sodium or even vegetarian food.

General Tips
• Be wary of the hygiene standards wherever you eat
• Wash your hands or use a sanitizer
• Keep a handkerchief handy and tissues too
• Sunscreen and other forms of weather protection are a must
• Travel light, as carting heavy baggage is exhausting. Most timeshares come with a washer and dryer.

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