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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Weeks Available!

Time’s running out to book a timeshare for your Thanksgiving vacation! We’ve made it a little easier with a guide to some of the resorts that still have space. No matter where you want to be grateful this year–on a sun-soaked beach, from the powdery slopes, on a lush golf course, or out of the country–we can find a resort for you!

Orlando, Florida

Want a family-friendly and excitement-filled Thanksgiving week? Sheraton Vistana Resort and Sheraton Vistana Villages offer stunning grounds with a wealth of opportunities, plus easy access to Disney World and other Orlando attractions.

RedWeek member nicholasr19 says:

We loved this resort. (More like a home than a time share). We had many of our meals in the unit, saving lots of time and money. The full kitchen, dining room and living room made it so comfortable for our family of 7. It was truly a great place and the kids had so much fun. We stayed in a 2 bd/ 2 bath villa. (nice and roomy). The property and the villas are beautiful and so well maintained. The “heavenly” beds are more comfortable than at home! The pools are awesome and there are so many of them to choose from. Even the giant waterslide was great. The exercise room is quite nice, well equipped and always open. Fresh towels and cold water from the bubbler are always available.

The entire staff was wonderful and unbelievably accommodating….. including the front desk, housekeeping, concierge and bell services.

Very close to Disney and easy access to all of the Orlando attractions. Hundreds of great restaurants nearby for both adults and children.

Can’t wait to go back to this beautiful Sheraton property. 2 thumbs up to a fun-filled week.

Lahaina, Hawaii

Want to spend Thanksgiving in paradise? Look no further than The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas, a beachfront resort with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy water sports like kayaking and surfing, relaxation at multiple lagoon-style pools, and luscious refreshment at Spa Helani. The nearby historic town offers top-notch restaurants and art galleries, as well as cultural experiences. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can explore the stunning island and even hike the mountain!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’re seeking plenty of sunshine and warm weather for Thanksgiving–maybe trying to cope with a long, cold winter?–Puerto Vallarta is the place for you. Temperatures average 90 degrees and more in November, with minimal rainfall. Two resorts still have Thanksgiving listings on RedWeek–Club Regina Puerto Vallarta and Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta. These resorts are great for fishermen, with easy access to the marina. They also offer an opportunity to easily immerse yourself in the rich culture of the city.

New York City, New York

Want a culture-filled, bustling-big-city Thanksgiving? Wyndham Midtown 45 has several openings for Thanksgiving week! Relax in style and explore with ease from the heart of Manhattan. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will even cross the city less than a mile from the resort!

Limited Listings

Some amazing locations have only one listing left for Thanksgiving:



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Take Advantage of Shoulder Season with a Timeshare Rental

High season and low season are fairly well-known and straightforward terms in the travel industry; high season represents the ideal conditions and draws a heavy crowd at heavy prices, whereas low season is markedly more quiet with less-than-ideal conditions. True travel gurus, however, sing the praises of “shoulder season”. If you’re not aware of shoulder season, this block of time varies by location and tends to represent the month or two tapering off of high season. Temperatures are often still beautiful, crowds thin out and prices (both accommodation and airfare!) begin to steadily drop.

When renting a timeshare, you’re oftentimes already receiving a very substantial discount as opposed to purchasing a week directly through the resort. When taking advantage of shoulder season as well, you can shave yet another substantial chunk of travel expenses. Those familiar with timeshare seasons will know the demand for the prime season weeks, and how quickly these desirable weeks are booked up and rented by owners. While you might see less inventory for shoulder season weeks due to less perceived demand, often times that silver week can had for a fraction of the price that platinum week is going for! Airfare pricing tends to behave similarly – you’ll begin to see a sharp decline in price as you approach the non-holiday seasons in the early fall and spring, when many shoulder seasons tend to lie.

Of course, price isn’t the only consideration when booking your vacation – everyone will want to have fun too! Luckily, shoulder seasons tend to ride off of ideal weather with far more bearable crowds. Hawaii, for example, is gorgeous in early March – the big waves as well as many winter beach-goes have dissipated. If the mountains are more your choice, the Rocky Mountain ski destinations are perfect in early April. The powder is still prime for skiing, but with fewer competitors on the slopes. Perhaps the Caribbean and Mexico for November – hurricane season has largely abated, and beaches are still devoid of the holiday crowds.

How do you learn more about when shoulder season falls for your favorite destinations? There are several unofficial calendars out there for many resorts that outline the week designations. Different resort management companies use different designation systems, but generally “red” or “platinum” weeks indicate high season periods, while cooler coolers and lesser metals indicate shoulder or low season. Additionally, a quick internet search for your destination’s high season will outline the busiest times.

Next time you’re looking at planning a vacation, first check to see when shoulder season falls! Your vacation might be more affordable, more relaxing and all the better for it!

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Timeshare Travel – San Francisco and the America’s Cup

America's CupThroughout this summer San Francisco Bay has been the scene of the famed sailing competition known as the America’s Cup.
A  San Francisco timeshare vacation this week will allow you to be part of the exciting finish as the Finals conclude on Saturday, September 21.
An international sport, The America’s Cup is not named after the country, but rather the name of the winning schooner in the first international sailing competition held in 1851.

Visitors from around the world have been flocking to San Francisco since the 34th America’s Cup competition began in July. It’s easy to watch the races first-hand from just about anywhere along San Francisco’s waterfront.

In addition, before and after the day’s race you can enjoy activities and entertainment at the America’s Cup Village.

What’s the big deal about the America’s Cup?

Take  a look:

1. The World’s Fastest Boats

Two new catamaran designs are being tested and used in the 2013 America’s Cup. The AC72 is the version that is racing this week in the Finals.

Powered by a towering wing sail the AC72 i capable of top speeds in excess of twice the windspeed. At 72 feet long, 48 feet wide and powered by a 131-foot tall win sail, “the craft is a speed machine the likes of which has never been seen in America’s Cup racing.”

2. The World’s Best Sailors
From Olympic Gold Medalists to championship winners from around the globe, the America’s Cup attracts the best sailors in the world.

“The AC72 demands more of the crews than ever before,” explained a race official. “Athleticism is now a critical requirement for all crew members. The smaller crew size of 11 means every role n the boat is crucial to success, and each crew member will face physical demands equal to the toughest sports in the world.”

3. Oldest Sporting Trophy in the World
The America’s Cup is considered to be the most difficult trophy in sport to win. In the more than 150 years since the first race off England, only four nations have won what is often called the oldest trophy in international sports.

There are many budget-friendly San Francisco timeshare rentals where you can stay while enjoying the heady atmosphere of an America’s Cup race.

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“Better for You Goodies” with a Timeshare Vacation at Walt Disney World

Parents taking the family on a timeshare vacation to Walt Disney World are finding more and more healthy-food options for the kids.

Disney’s on-going program to provide nutritional options at WDW includes The Mickey Check, which helps you find the best nutritional options for meals.

And now Disney has launched “Better for You Goodies,” a guide to finding snacks in all four theme parks of WDW that are delicious, but nutritious, too.

Below is just a sampling of nutritious snacks and where you can find them:

Magic Kingdom 

  • Prince Eric’s Village Market: bottled juices, waters and teas; whole and cut fruits; for dipping – hummus, Greek yogurt dips 
  • Gaston’s Tavern: soy milk; sliced apples with sugar-free caramel sauce 
  • Chesire Café: bananas and oranges; lowfat milk 
  • All Popcorn Wagons offer oranges and crisp apples 
  • All ice cream stands offer no-sugar-added strawberry bars 

Animal Kingdom 

  • Discovery Island Gardens Kiosk: vegan and gluten-free granola bars, cupcakes, cookies and brownies Harambe Fruit Market: whole and cut fruits and juices 
  • Mr. Kamal’s Kiosk: hummus and veggies, edamame salad and Asian noodle salad 


  • Mission Space cart: Ocean Spray Craisins and Ocean Spray Trail Mix 
  • Future World Space Ice Cream stand: mixed fruit (apple, watermelon and cantaloupe) 
  • African Cool Post: Perry’s Power Pack, a “Phineas and Ferb“-themed lunch box with Smuckers PB&J Uncrustable, carrot sticks, Dannaon Danimals strawberry yogurt and Minute Maid Apple Juice 

Hollywood Studios 

  • Food Stands throughout the park: whole and cut fruits and veggies, granola bars, Ocean Spray Craisins and Ocean Spray Trail Mix 
  • KRNR the Rock Station on Sunset Boulevard: smoothies made with nonfat yogurt 

You can enjoy preparing snacks in your Orlando timeshare rental kitchen, but when your family is touring Walt Disney World you’ll be glad to know that you will find many healthy snacks for your kids there, too.

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Timeshare Travel – Visiting the 9-11 Memorial in New York City

Plan a timeshare vacation to New York City to visit The National September 11 Memorial, and see the progress on the building of One World Trade Center.

The 9-11 Memorial remembers the almost 3000 men, women, and children who died in New York City in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 25, 1993.

Poignantly the memorial is officially named “Reflecting Absence.” Popularly called the “9/11 Memorial “ it opened on the 10th Anniversary of the attacks, September 11, 2012.

The actual foundations of each of the two towers, the “footprints” where the World Trade Center twin towers once stood, have been turned into pools where 30-foot waterfall fountains – the largest in North America – cascade.

Around each pool the names of the victims have been etched in bronze. Interestingly, the placement of the names is not alphabetical, but instead honors the request from the victims’ families to place certain names with others based on where they were that day, and the relationships the people had with each other. 

Eventually an 8-acre field of white oak trees will surround the footprints. The trees are from nurseries near each of the three sites of the 9-11 attack – New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksviille, Pennsylvania where Flight 93 went down.

When fully redeveloped the new World Trade Center will not only include the 9-11 Memorial but also a museum, commercial office buildings, retail shops, and connections to the subway.

The centerpiece will be One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower. Including its pinnacle height this new skyscraper will be 1776 feet high, a symbolic honoring of the year in which the United States declared itself an independent nation.

This height also makes the Freedom Tower the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and tentatively the 3rd tallest building in the world.

Construction will continue for some time on the various new World Trade Center buildings. The 9-11 Memorial will be open to the public during this time, but to ensure the public’s safety, as well as the security of the construction site, screening and passes are required. The passes are free.

Once the new World Trade Center complex is completely built, the public will have open access to the 9-11 Memorial, including the footprint fountains and the beautiful park of white oak trees.

New York City timeshare rentals are amazingly budget-friendly in downtown Manhattan.

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Timeshare Vacation – A Guide to Fall in New York City

New York City is a great place for a timeshare vacation in the fall. The warm autumn sun, colorful leaves, and less crowds all combine to make fall in the Big Apple a delight. 

There is an ample list of fall activities to enjoy, as well, including:

1. Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park (see top photo) Sunday, September 29th 
See Fort Tryon Park transformed into a Medieval Market Town where performers and festival goers are dressed in medieval garb. Musical performers and minstrels, jugglers, dancers, magic shows and jesters all provide fun entertainment.

Of course no medieval festival is complete without jousting, crafts, food or drink so come to Fort Tryon Park to enjoy it all – at no cost. There is no charge for festival access, though crafts, food and souvenirs are available for purchase.

2. Goold Orchards 25th Annual Apple Festival & Craft Show
Saturday and Sunday, October 12th-13th
Enjoy this quintessential fall festival at Goold Orchards, named by the New York Times as one of the best Apple Festivals in the US.

Here you can indulge your fall fancy by sampling fresh cider donuts, fruit pies and strudels. For a great family activity come pick apples and pumpkins, visit a variety of craft booths, watch entertainment and take a horse drawn carriage ride.

3. Tompkins Square Dog Halloween ParadeSaturday, October 26th
Hosted by the Tompkins Square Dog Run on East 9th Street, this parade draws locals and visitors alike and flaunts New York City’s love for all things dog.

Bring Fido and Fifi dressed in their Halloween best to compete for best dog costume prizes. Owners like to dress up as well, often matching their four-legged friends. Come to the Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Parade to participate, or just to people (and dog!) watch or to take great pictures. 

4. Stargazing on the High LineEvery Tuesday evening through October 29th at dusk 
Stargaze on the High Line between West 13th and West 14th Streets in NYC’s famous Chelsea district – for no charge.

Presented by Friends of the High Line in partnership with the Amateur Astronomers Association, these events are open to visitors of all ages so bring the kids for a great family evening everyone can enjoy. Stargazers can use the high-powered telescopes and chat with astronomy experts.

5. New York Pass
One of the best ways to see New York City any time of the year is to invest in a New York Pass. With the pass you’ll have free entry to over 80 NYC attractions, get line skipping privileges, and tour reservations. 

Attractions that are partnered with New York Pass include everything from the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the Statue of Liberty Ferry and the Empire State Building Observation Deck.

You’ll enjoy your fall vacation even more with a New York City timeshare rental – budget-friendly right in the middle of Manhattan, starting at just $171/night.

Source: Newsday/

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A Timeshare – The Perfect Home Base for a Day Backpacker

A fall timeshare vacation is the perfect opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather and beautiful scenery with day backpacking.

Backpacking is a great activity and can be lodes of fun. It can also be impractical for many people to backpack for long periods, camping every night and striking out across the hinterlands each morning.

Whether due to finances, health concerns, or just plain time, many people would enjoy backpacking if it could be taken in smaller bites. Enter timeshare rentals. Yes, that’s right – rent a timeshare and go backpacking!

A timeshare rental offers many advantages for backpacking, including a very convenient home base.

There are many budget timeshare rentals available in areas where day-trip backpacking through beautiful wilderness areas is possible, such as National Parks, seashores, and some real hidden gems.

A good example of backpacking in a National Park is the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Timeshare rentals are available in Gatlinburg, the “gateway” to America’s most visited National Park. 

Located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, the park lies right in the heart of Appalachia, and offers over 800 miles of hiking trails.

In Gatlinburg timeshare rentals are as low as $59/night.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers many great timeshare rentals ( as low as $86/night) and the Cape Cod National Seashore where you’ll find a dozen hiking trails that are open year round.

Ranging from easy to advanced, these trails can take you on wonderful day-trip backpacking adventures across 43,000 acres of dunes, ponds, woods, swamps, marshes, and almost 40 miles of Atlantic shoreline.

Many consider Idaho a “hidden gem” for backpackers. Sixty-four percent of Idaho is public land, including 33 million acres of national forests, and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Rent a timeshare in Ketchum, adjacent to Sun Valley, for as little as $100/night, and you have the entire 73,000-acre Sawtooth National Recreation Area at your doorstep.

The Missouri Ozarks offer another great hiking area, especially when in their crimson glory during the Autumn. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails are around the Branson area, where you can get a Branson timeshare rental for just $57/night.

When you combine budget-friendly timeshare rentals with your backpacking passion, you get the best of two worlds.

And by the way, if you have family members who are not into backpacking with you, a timeshare rental will give them plenty to do – most are attached to resorts and many of the resort’s amenities (often including swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, tennis, and arcade game rooms) are included in the rental price.

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Timeshare Travel – Southern California’s Wine Country AutumnFest

Plan a fall timeshare vacation to southern California’s Wine Country.

California Wine Country is generally considered to be the counties of Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino north of San Francisco. World-renowned vintages draw millions of visitors a year to the area’s famous wineries. 

But here’s a secret – for a real treat visit Southern California Wine Country. The town of Temecula is the center, which sits equi-distant and just about an hour from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

This picturesque valley with a Mediterranean climate is home to more than 35 wineries that have cultivated over 3,500 acres of vineyards.

While northern California wine country began as far back as 1856 when Hungarian immigrant Agoston Haraszthy planted his first vines, wine grapes wouldn’t be planted in Southern California until over one hundred years later.

In several different locations throughout the valley, Richard Break and Leon Borel, working for the newly formed Rancho California Development Corporation, planted 56 different varieties of grapes.

John Moramarco planted a thousand acres for the Brookside Vineyards and Winery in 1967.

The town of Temecula wasn’t finally incorporated until 1989.

The Temecula Valley is now recognized as a full-fledged appellation, legally defining it as a wine-producing geographical area. Gaining well-deserved recognition the area has received over 5,000 awards for its wine.

Harvest of the heavy, ripe fruit in the fall is worthy of a celebration, and AutumnFest is a three-month long celebration of the area’s wineries.

In September Temecula Valley proudly participates in California Wine Month. Take your SIP Passport with you on your self-guided tour where passport holders can savor wine tasting at five of the Valley’s premier wineries, along with enjoying special savings.

October is when the Old Town Temecula Fall Rod Run attracts over 30,000 auto enthusiasts to participate in the Friday Night Cruise, and the Saturday Show and Shine. Hundreds of of the finest vehicles – all pre-1974 – are proudly displayed.

And in November the eagerly anticipated Harvest Celebration Barrel Tasting gets underway. This food and wine adventure is self-guided at more than 30 participating wineries.

At each stop you’ll find barrel samples of unfinished wines that are not available to the general public. Along the way you can sample finished wines and delicious foods.

Throughout the three-month long AutumnFest, the various wineries get in on the fun with other exciting events including Wilson Creek’s Sunset Jazz in the Vines, and Mount Palomar’s Grape Stomps.

You can also participate in everything from South Coast’s Blessing of the Wine Celebration to Monte de Oro’s Rocky Horror Halloween Bash. 

Check out the many California timeshare rentals available within an easy drive of Temecula’s Southern California Wine Country.

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Timeshare Travel – New Bridge for San Francisco Bay

The next time you take a timeshare vacation to San Francisco, you’ll see something new on the San Francisco Bay skyline.

A graceful white tower is part of the self-anchored suspension span of the new Bay Bridge, which officially opened this past Monday, September 2, 2013.

Whether you cross the Bay Bridge as a driver, a bicyclist or a pedestrian, you’ll undoubtedly be taken with its gleaming white paint job, its graceful tower and its spider web of suspension cables, not to mention its sweeping views, which can now be easily enjoyed unlike the old bridge which blocked them.

The new span replaces a structure that was damaged during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. It is designed to withstand the strongest earthquake estimated by seismologists to occur at the site over a 1,500-year period.

The Bay Bridge is actually composed of several parts, beginning with a sleek skyway from the Oakland side that leads to the new, self-anchored suspension bridge – with its looming, single white tower.

The span then leads onto Yerba Buena Island in the middle of the bay. On the other side of the island, the old double-decker west span, which has been retrofitted to higher earthquake standards, completes the crossing to San Francisco.

But as esthetically impressive as the $6.4 billion new span may be, its graceful looks overshadow its main mission: to not only remain standing after a devastating earthquake but to be able to carry emergency vehicles and supplies across the bay soon after the ground stops shaking.

Seismic engineers who designed the span used a variety of innovative techniques, some borrowed from offshore construction, to help make the bridge strong, yet flexible enough to withstand the greatest seismic forces imaginable.

Before installing any of the innovations on the span, pieces were built and tested in laboratories from Reno to San Diego.

Engineers admire the old Bay Bridge, saying it was meticulously designed and well-assembled. But it is riddled with seismic deficiencies because when the span was built, seismic engineering was neither common nor sophisticated.

The new span includes a 15.5 foot-wide bike and pedestrian path that will be extended onto the island after the old eastern span is removed.

Check out the many budget-friendly San Francisco timeshare rentals available.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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ARDA Announces “The Timeshare Effect”

The Timeshare Effect initiative, a look at how timeshare vacations have a positive effect on lifestyle, family memories, and finances, is inspired by the “Travel Effect,” a campaign by the U.S. Travel Association.

The Timeshare Effect was developed by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) to highlight the link between timeshare vacations and their effect on owners.

“We hear from our owners every day about how their lives have changed because of their timeshare ownership,” said Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA.

“We wanted to capture this anecdotal sentiment with hard facts for other would-be timeshare owners,” Nusbaum said.

The Timeshare Effect covers three areas: finances, lifestyle, and family.

1. Financial
On the financial side, it’s clear that owning a timeshare enables families to take annual vacations for much less than what they would pay for a traditional hotel.

On average you can save 50% to 60% of what you would normally pay for a vacation. And your money stretches farther when you consider that instead of staying in a cramped hotel room you will be staying in condo-like accommodations at luxury resorts.

The timeshare kitchen alone is a big help in saving money since you don’t have to budget in the huge cost of eating out for three meals a day.

2. Lifestyle 
In addition to the financial savings, owning a timeshare has significant effects on lifestyle.

Since timeshare owners have essentially prepaid for their annual vacation, they are much more likely to take that vacation, which leads to many health and wellness benefits.

Owners enjoy beautiful resorts in great locations that offer flexibility and space for everyone.

3. Family Memories 
And there is nothing better than a regular vacation to create lifelong family memories.

Three out of four adults over 55 say they still have vivid memories of their childhood vacations, and 55 percent of adults want to create similar memories for their children and grandchildren.

A whopping 93 percent of kids say that vacations mean a chance to spend quality time with their parents. When traveling with grandparents, 60% of kids say it brings them closer together.

See The Timeshare Effect infographic for more fun information.

Consider buying a timeshare resale. You can also vacation in a timeshare rental first, to see how timeshare vacations can have a positive effect on your family’s vacation finances, lifestyle and family memories.

Source: ARDA
* All statistics from U.S. Travel’s Travel Effect

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