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Re: Westgate Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

[Q=drewl44] Hello there - I mistakenly bought a Westgate timeshare about 20 years ago. I never paid it off and stopped paying maintenance fees several years ago. I recently received a letter from Westgate threatening foreclosure. They also offered the option to execute a "Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure" It says "This document, once signed, notarized and forwarded to this office with he applicable processing fee of $1,735.00, will enable us to release you from your obligations and all further liability. Your account will be closed and negative reporting will be withheld from the applicable credit agency." I have tried to find an attorney to review this before I proceed but haven't had any luck finding someone decent. I hate to spend that much money but it might be the best way out for me. 1. Has anyone else taken advantage of an offer like this and is it legit? 2. Does anyone have a recommendation for an attorney to review this? Thanks for any feedback or recommendations![/Q] Hi Drew, What was your final outcome? Was this a scam? Did Westgate allow you out with the $1700 plus payment?