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Re: Re: Using points with red week

[Q=eileenm161] Can Welk/Hyatt [b]points be used with red week[/b]?.[/Q] Huh? I have no idea on earth what you mean by "points be used with red week". On this RedWeek web site you can find (and / or post) timeshare resales or rentals, but RedWeek has [b]nothing[/b] to do with the "points" of [b]any[/b] individual person or of any timeshare developer or company. You can use your points to make a reservation and you could then advertise that reservation as a rental on RedWeek, but [b]making[/b] that reservation [b]first[/b] is strictly [b]your[/b] responsibility as the owner of those points. RedWeek cannot help you to manage your points (but RedWeek is a good site on which to advertise timeshare resales or rentals and / or locate timeshare resales or rentals).