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Re: Re: Westgate Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

[Q=reginad105] I would sign up with a legal shield program that is about 30.00 a month and u get a free benefit of 25 page contract review and they have ability to review all states. I would have them look over the agreement and you can determine if u can add no negative reporting. Then determine if I u want to pay the processing fee. <snip> [/Q] I despise Westgate and [b]everything[/b] about it. That clearly said, Westgate has a long standing reputation for having absolutely no fear of litigation. Westgate keeps a cadre of well paid and capable attorneys quite busy and their sales contracts are iron clad. With all due respect, it is (in my opinion) just delusional to believe for one moment that a "Legal Shield membership" would be in any way useful or in any way effective in dealing with Westgate (the actual topic of this particular thread), but it's your money.