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Re: Travel Tips

I recommend bringing a copy of your visa/passport and put it in a secure and different spot from your passport (just in case you lose it). I remember someone once telling me to bring a few ziplock bags on your trips, and every vacation I will need them for something whether it be to keep by phone or camera dry, throw something away, put a newly bought item in or souvenir , dirty laundry, whatever! I also recommend bringing a camera, my last vacation last month I didn't want my camera to get ruined so I just didn't bring it and boy did I see the most beautiful scenery ever and I couldn't capture the moment. I would bring one or two items of opposite season clothing. I can't tell you how many times I'm going somewhere for their nice warm (or cool weather) and there was that one or two days were I had to freeze (or be stuck in the heat) and I didn't bring the right clothing. It doesn't need to take a lot of space, but prepare for the inevitable. Lastly, make sure your valuables are in safe places whether that be a safe (like when you are staying in a hotel) or on your person (like when you are flying on a plane). My friend last week lost his luggage on his flight and his keys were in the luggage so he had to get a locksmith to open his car and house which was way inconvenient and cost money and time.