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Re: Bluegreen Points

I would agree with brendak186. I own Bluegreen points and have not had any serious complaints with them. However, I also own Marriott weeks and Wyndham points and I think that Wyndham is the best. They have more resorts in more locations and "points are points" as they say. They also have a variety of different types of points ownership and one might research that aspect also before choosing. With Wyndham one can book their home resort 13 months in advance and at other resorts 10 mos. in advance - no fees. I have had no problem getting into any resort as long as I decide early enough in advance. There would be problems however, getting Daytona, for instance, during race week or bike week 10 mos. out. Internet service at Bluegreen and Wyndham is provided free as is coffee, usually, at both. Marriott charges 30 cents a minute for computer use.... CHEAP. Don't look for a cup of coffee in their lobby area either. I would recommend timeshare only if one is going to use them and then never buy direct from the company. Any, so called, benefits are not worth paying the exhorbitant higher price. I doubt anyone can be, or is ever, totally happy with timeshare companies ALL the time. Increased fees, policy changes, etc. will always assure owners of that. As long as they remain minor bumps in the road, however, one can be a happy owner with only minor irritations. Good luck.