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By Joseph G.

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This place is a joke. We have been owners for 5 years and this last vist confirmed my gut feeling on the last trip. The service is terrible. I wanted internet access and was told I needed to rent a modem. Went down to rent one and was told they close at 4:30pm to come tomorrow. Went back in the morning and was told I needed to go to the main office (Gift Dept) After I received the wireless modem, I had to download software that took forever and froze my notebook twice. The whole time I am thinking that they were probably inserting files into my computer to gather information for their company, this was ridiculous. I have never had to jump through so many hoops to get connected to the internet. You can access at most motels nowadays for less headaches and money!

The room stunk like a trailer park and never went away. The place was crawling with people that did not look like they would qualify to pay for something like this. The water in the pool was also dirty and cloudy. You wouldn't see this any of the Casino Pools! I mean this is a big financial burden for me and my family who own our own business. After doing the math, this place cost me $4000.00 a year. I could spend that much staying at the Mandalay Bay or Belaggio and live like a king.

I also read on another forum that a couple came home with scabies as the beds had bugs. Someone also was killed there as well. Too many horror stories on this place. They filed for bankruptcy and we all lost the "12 Getaways" that came with the purchase. This was actually one of the main reasons that I bought. This was taken away from us in the bankruptcy. Totally bogus. They owe several casinos that are sueing them for not paying the rent on their solicitation booths all over Las Vegas.

After having such a terrible time I started looking on the internet and noticed that they are renting out rooms to anybody through Expedia and other travel brokers. This is against the agreement in the contract. I am totally bummed and would not recommend this place.

For you and your family's stake, please do not make the mistake that I and thousands of people have made.

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9 years ago
Aug 07, 2010

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