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  • Avatar for lorip259
    By lorip259
    Aug 26, 2018

    Always near and dear to our family. A place we enjoy spending quality down time.

  • Avatar for tracie125
    By tracie125
    Jun 25, 2018


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  • Avatar for richh58
    By richh58
    Apr 8, 2018

    We rented a 2 bedroom presidential suite here recently from for about $2K. We were placed in building 27 (your unit is...

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  • Avatar for stephenm229
    By stephenm229
    Aug 8, 2016

    We also own a Westin in Maui, and I will stack this resort against that any day of the week. The staff is friendly, grounds impeccable...

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  • Avatar for paul1983
    By paul1983
    Updated Apr 29, 2016

    Beautiful oceanfront resort. Very friendly, courteous. "All-inclusive" package adds an element of extra luxury.

  • Avatar for davidv84
    By davidv84
    Nov 7, 2015

    We love PBSB. The weather is beautiful there. It's on the Pacific side so you get to see gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the ocean (we...

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  • Avatar for johnh1013
    By johnh1013
    Jul 12, 2015

    We planned a four week timeshare rental in Cabo San Lucas. Our bucket list has always had a desire to drive from our home to Cabo....

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  • Avatar for johne449
    By johne449
    Updated Nov 6, 2014

    Sunny, beautiful, relaxing, fun. The pools are fantastic and we love the tennis courts. The spa and fitness center are impressive. The...

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  • Avatar for christif4
    By christif4
    Updated Oct 15, 2014

    beautiful views, excellent room service- weather is perfect and no bugs October through May!!

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  • Avatar for lenb14
    By lenb14
    Mar 7, 2014

    Just stayed here for about 8th time! Love pb sunset! Had 22 family members here from 6 states. All loved every minute. Weather was...

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  • Avatar for jans46
    By jans46
    Updated Jan 11, 2014

    After a half dozen stays here the most recent being Jan 2014, I can say that some things should be improved. The grounds were beautiful...

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  • Avatar for expresso10
    By expresso10
    Updated Dec 14, 2013

    We were impressed with this resort from the moment we arrived. You just cannot beat ocean view. We bought our unit while on vacation and...

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  • Avatar for sealingman
    By sealingman
    Jul 11, 2013

    Never ever take the timeshare presentation. Dirk Meyer the Liar will dupe you into buying telling you lie after lie. His lies, and my...

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  • Avatar for arturia
    By arturia
    Updated Jun 26, 2013

    What a difference a few years make. Unfortunately there was a fire in the kitchen and the whole lobby was closed two days. We could not...

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  • Avatar for jeffh200
    By jeffh200
    Updated May 3, 2013

    I have owned at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset for over 5 years. I bought my first executive week directly from the resort, and my second week...

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  • Avatar for jackw145
    By jackw145
    Jun 19, 2011

    We visited the resort mid May of 2011. The resort is beautiful and the staff is excellent. The food is very good and not too expensive....

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  • Avatar for bettyt65
    By bettyt65
    Nov 5, 2010

    We have been owners since SB first opened and have truly enjoyed every moment there. All employees are way above average and the service...

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  • Avatar for sharons112
    By sharons112
    Feb 19, 2010

    We enjoyed our stay at PBSB immensely. Stayed in a 2 bedroom presidential suite with a family of 6 adults and never felt crowded. Never...

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  • Avatar for mirelag
    By mirelag
    Updated Jan 30, 2010

    Have been going each Spring break for the last 3 years. Really outstanding - beautiful place, gorgeous oceanfront, fabulous pools, pool...

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  • Avatar for kathil10
    By kathil10
    Updated Jul 24, 2009


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  • Avatar for dannyk10
    By dannyk10
    Jun 8, 2009


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  • Avatar for stephenm147
    By stephenm147
    Mar 16, 2009

    We have taken our family (2 grandparents, 3 children and 2 adults), and have found this resort to be spectacular. We have made it a...

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  • Avatar for ronaldb157
    By ronaldb157
    Feb 27, 2009


  • Avatar for jeffh270
    By jeffh270
    Jan 8, 2009

    First time to the resort and went with another couple. Wife had been there there week before with 5 other women. They were able to...

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  • Avatar for rayc96
    By rayc96
    Updated Dec 23, 2008

    My wife and I purchased our penthouse suite pre-construction in 2001 and have never regretted our decision. The property gets more...

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  • Avatar for denisem1
    By denisem1
    Updated Nov 20, 2008

    Just returned from Cabo. I usually spend two weeks when I come down from Sacramento. One week is spent at the SB and the other week at...

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  • Avatar for jamied56
    By jamied56
    Updated Oct 25, 2008

    Great views. Great gym. Great rooms. Friendly service. Friendly service really driven by everyone wanting to sell you a timeshare. Food...

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  • Avatar for mjaycee
    By mjaycee
    May 31, 2008

    I spent 2 weeks at PBSB in early May and found it to be an excellent place to relax. The units are deluxe with large baths, comfortable...

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  • Avatar for maryellenw6
    By maryellenw6
    May 26, 2008

    need to be a bille goat to get around horrible bus ride to get to town and back

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  • Avatar for michaelh145
    By michaelh145
    Mar 22, 2008

    This resort is the way all resorts should be. The location on the western shore of Los Cabos overlooking the Pacific from every unit:...

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  • Avatar for stephaniec97
    By stephaniec97
    Nov 4, 2007

    I just returned from this resort on last Friday. It was paradise once you get used to the idea that you are going to have to rely on golf...

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  • Avatar for lisa1232
    By lisa1232
    Jul 3, 2007

    I have been going to PBSB for 5 years and this was the worst. Tons of mosquitos in our rooms, HUGE cockroaches IN THE rooms at night and...

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  • Avatar for patricb2
    By patricb2
    Mar 11, 2007

    This resort is breath taking! Everyroom has an ocean front room & the pools are massive - no fighting over pool loungers or beach space.

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  • Avatar for karen3748
    By karen3748
    Feb 15, 2007

    My husband and I have stayed at 10 different resorts in Cabo, Sunset Beach is by far the best all around. Many of the resorts in the area...

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  • Avatar for karin143
    By karin143
    Feb 4, 2007

    This was our 3rd trip to Sunset. 5 girls who leave the husbands at home for some R & R! There is no other place we would rather stay---...

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  • Avatar for christa76
    By christa76
    Updated Jan 25, 2007

    We visited Sunset Beach last fall at the invitation of some good friends. I won't go into all the amenities cause they've been described...

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  • Avatar for denbon
    By denbon
    Updated Jan 23, 2007

    WOW!!!! I am the kind of guy that could sit and look over the ocean all day. What a perfect location to watch the sunset, hence, the name...

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  • Avatar for terrillm
    By terrillm
    Jan 7, 2007

    We recently returned from a 10 day trip to Cabo and stayed at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort. Absolutely FABULOUS... beginning with...

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  • Avatar for toddm59
    By toddm59
    May 11, 2006

    Most of the Pueblo Bonito Resorts are all about the Spas. Sunset Beach blew us away.. While you are not allowed to swim on their beach,...

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  • Avatar for kathyw110
    By kathyw110
    Updated Apr 17, 2006

    We just returned from our 4th visit to Cabo. In 2000, we stayed at Pueblo Bonito Rose' & toured the soon to be built Sunset Beach Resort....

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  • Avatar for vickis32
    By vickis32
    Updated Mar 19, 2006

    Stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos but spent some time at Sunset. What a beautiful resort. The reason they wont let you swim in the...

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  • Avatar for jeff1020
    By jeff1020
    Feb 18, 2006

    Rented a Jr. Suite from a timeshare owner on this website and had a wonderful time! The unit was impeccably furnished and decorated, but...

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  • Avatar for tinabut
    By tinabut
    Updated Feb 16, 2006

    Rented from an owner listed on 1/27/06 to 2/3/06. We booked this suite-supposedly 2 Queen beds in August of 2005. When we...

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  • Avatar for chow
    By chow
    Updated Dec 14, 2005 resort I've visited in Cabo. The resort spent millions building a beautiful boulevard to access this Pacific-facing,...

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  • Avatar for moseleycollins
    By moseleycollins
    Oct 16, 2005

    This is a very pretty resort but I would not own here because of two major drawbacks: 1. Even though there is a big ocean right in front...

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  • Avatar for bob1505
    By bob1505
    Aug 10, 2005

    We had our Son's wedding at PB Sunset. The wedding was wonderful and the hotel did a wonderful job. This resort is the best in service,...

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  • Avatar for joe1723
    By joe1723
    Updated Apr 7, 2005

    I am a current time share owner at this resort, and have been impressed at the step above all other resorts in Cabo that Sunset Beach has...

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  • Avatar for jane916
    By jane916
    Mar 11, 2005

    Lovely setting, well maintained, friendly staff. Rooms well appointed. Drawbacks: Noise, noise, noise from carts and construction. You...

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  • Avatar for mwc
    By mwc
    Oct 19, 2004

    When we saw this resort our jaws dropped. Have never seen any place nicer. Can only second all the good things previously mentioned.

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  • Avatar for carol1601
    By carol1601
    Jun 9, 2004

    This is a beautiful and unique resort. Everything is maintained in a meticulous manner. Service is prompt and friendly. You can truly...

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  • Avatar for lesor
    By lesor
    Updated May 27, 2004

    Excellent service. Accommodations are excellent. Spacious rooms with two beautiful bathrooms in one and two bedroom condos. Ocean view...

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  • Avatar for carole65
    By carole65
    Updated Apr 7, 2004

    We had a wonderful time here! Every Tues night, they hosted a complimentary cocktail hour free drinks & hor d'houevres and you meet other...

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  • Avatar for lulu_k56
    By lulu_k56
    Updated Mar 28, 2004

    We just returned from a week at this resort. It was truly 5 stars! The rooms are large and elegant with an awesome view of the ocean and...

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  • Avatar for barbara484
    By barbara484
    Mar 15, 2004

    The restaurant here is excellent and elegantly casual with both inside and veranda seating. The staff is friendly and helpful. The rooms...

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  • Avatar for bedford96
    By bedford96
    Updated Feb 20, 2004

    This is the most beautiful resort in all of Cabos. Every room from a studio to 3 bedroom has a spectacular Pacific Ocean view and the...

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  • Avatar for night
    By night
    Jan 12, 2004

    Just returned from our glorious two weeks at Sunset Beach. Having visited friends at The new Palmilla, Esperanza and Las Ventanas, we...

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  • Avatar for thomas10
    By thomas10
    Updated Jan 4, 2004

    beautiful, a view you will always remember, peaceful overlooking the Pacific, 5 minutes by free shuttle to town and marina...beatifully...

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  • Avatar for keepsake
    By keepsake
    Updated Jan 3, 2004

    Excellent resort. We saw whales in the ocean right off our balcony, what a sight. This is not the side of cabo with vendors on the beach...

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  • Avatar for kwswest
    By kwswest
    Nov 21, 2003

    We had a nice stay at Sunset Beach. You are about 25 minutes from town so it is difficult to get groceries back to the condo. The shuttle...

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  • Avatar for hasa
    By hasa
    Nov 17, 2003

    We did not stay at Pueblo Bonito Resort at Sunset Beach, but wished we had. We took a tour and bought a time share. The resort is...

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  • Avatar for nazclk
    By nazclk
    Oct 26, 2003

    Did not stay at the resort, took a tour and the second salesman was the most obnoxious salesperson I have encountered, so if you are...

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  • Avatar for lsteffen
    By lsteffen
    Oct 24, 2003

    I thought this resort was beautiful. It was clean, and very nice. You can take a golf cart all over the property or you can get your...

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  • Avatar for jeckmann
    By jeckmann
    Oct 21, 2003

    This is a resort with a true flavor of Mexico. Much more quaint and inviting than other resorts in Cabo which felt like they were...

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  • Avatar for dajones
    By dajones
    Oct 3, 2003

    Class facility! 5 star service and accommodation. Comparable to Ritz Carlton. Family Friendly

  • Avatar for ktvasser
    By ktvasser
    Updated Jul 28, 2003

    We toured this resort and bought a timeshare week. It is absolutely fabulous! The restaurant was top notch and not only was the food...

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  • Avatar for ermo
    By ermo
    May 14, 2003

    Brand new resort on the Pacific side of Cabo. We liked the free bus transportation to and from the other Bonito resorts at Cabo. The...

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  • Avatar for wizzof4
    By wizzof4
    May 8, 2003

    The resort is lovely, but it's very over priced and the foods only mediocre at best. $7.50 for a drink and measl run $40-$50 per person!...

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  • Avatar for etanneh
    By etanneh
    Apr 22, 2003

    Pueblo Bonito Sunset is absolutely lovely. Each of the very spacious units have large balconies or patios and all overlook the Pacific...

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  • Avatar for jkferg
    By jkferg
    Updated Jan 20, 2003

    I toured the resort, but did not stay there. The resort is beautiful. It is first class all the way. The resort is still under...

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  • Avatar for josh411
    By josh411
    Dec 30, 2002

    A beautifull secluded resort to get away and just relax. We've traveled to Hawaii, The Bahamas, Cancun,and Puerto Vallarta. The Sunset...

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  • Avatar for mikearmbruster
    By mikearmbruster
    Dec 29, 2002

    This is a first class resort situated on the Pacific side of the penninsula. It is Cabo San Lucas without the crowds and the vendors on...

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