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Manzanillo, Mexico

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Manzanillo, Mexico


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    By lanceanddonna Sep 30, 2004

    We stayed at this resort as part of an RCI exchange. From the time we arrived service was poor and staff attitude was no better. People right ahead of us were complaining and checked out. They had purchased the All Inclusive program and didn't like it one bit.

    It was the main check-in day and they had 2 people on staff to perform this task. Needless to say the lines got very long. The unit they finally assigned us to was directly over the pool and very noisy. We like to relax and read so it wasn't want we would have wanted. The kitchen was dirty and the appliances rusty and old. There were dishes, just a few and not enough to accomodate our party of 4 adults. The unit smelled bad, kind of stale and mildewy.

    When we kindly asked to speak to someone about receiving a different unit we we're treated badly and told to wait for the manager. A couple of hours later (with the 4 of us camped out in the lobby) we heard the manager arrived back from his sports event and we asked to see him. He reluctly agreed to see us. He was just as rude as his staff. I think he gave lessons in the art. He basicly told us that if we didn't like his resort we could go somewhere else. Not that that idea hadn't crossed our minds, but with an RCI exchange it's not all that easy. The manager said even if he wanted to move us which he didn't he had no rooms to move us to. We were without lodging so we went back to the unit.

    We attempted to contact RCI about moving us to a different resort and were told none were available or they would have done so.

    The next day we were called by the management and told we could look at a couple of units that had just been vacated and we did so, trying to find one that was better than the one we had. I don't know if RCI called on our behalf but if they did thank you.

    We found one that was a little better and packed up and moved. By better it was cleaner and not so close to the noisy pool. The unit still had windows that wouldn't open as they'd been welded or screwed shut. The air conditioning was not sufficient to cool the unit in May. I can't imagine it in August. The kitchen was a little less rusty and had more dishes.

    We ate one meal at the resort if that says anything. We drove to town for everything else.

    On our next to last night about 2-3:00am we were awakened by guitar playing and signing on our front door step we shared with the next unit. We ask them if they would quiet down and they wouldn't. After a while when it didn't stop we called the front desk to have security please ask them to stop as it was keeping us all awake. We were told they had every right to sing and play as it was Mother's Day! Needless to say we didn't get much sleep and everyone in the front office got a good laugh at our expense.

    The adult pool was the highlight of our trip to this resort and the beach was nice. It was a treck to the beach as you need to get down to the road and cross a bridge and down steps to get there but the beach was worth it.

    Housekeeping services were not the greatest and sometimes was not completed until late in the afternoon. Even with us up early and out all day.

    I've been traveling to Mexico since I was a child and love it, however I've never had such rude treatment and attitudes directed my way. I will never travel to Manzanillo again out of season. By that I mean gringo tourist season. I'm told we were treated badly as we were there outside of "our" season. I doubt it but who knows stranger things have happened.

    This is no RID and RCI should visit this resort to check it out. It's very difficult to use the bar or restaurants without buying into the All- Inclusive that they say is optional.

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