Wyndham Old Town Alexandria

Alexandria, Virginia

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Alexandria, Virginia


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  • Avatar for dawns171
    By dawns171 Updated May 30, 2014

    My husband and I stayed here the last week of October last year. The weather was grand, we were right across the street from the Metro so we didn't need a car, the staff was friendly and accommodating, and there are shops and restaurants within walking distance. We definitely want to go back.

    These prices are a steal!

  • Avatar for mikem1093
    By mikem1093 Feb 26, 2014

    My wife and I are owners, live in Baltimore area and stay 4 or 5 weekends every year. Some visits we do everything on foot or with free trolley. Presidents weekend we go to free historic residences and buildings, including Mount Vernon, about 20 minutes away. Church up the hill at 200 year old 1st Baptist of Alexandria, a very friendly place. Many shops and restaurants to choose from. Hot water is a little slow SOMETIMES. Train noise bothers us RARELY. we plan on continuing to visit for many years to come.

  • Avatar for kareng95
    By kareng95 Apr 8, 2013

    Location to Metro 5 stars - but if your room is on the train lines side, the location stinks! Sounds of Amtrak, Metro and freight trains blasting their horns gets tiring fast. Pool is no longer available. It's damaged and will not be repaired.

  • Avatar for jesus19
    By jesus19 May 14, 2012

    Would you stay at a resort that provided cold showers???? The one downside was having to take a shower with cold water. I thought I was in a third world country and was using water from a cold stream. I was told that the resort does not turn on the hot water until 5AM and that it takes one hour for the water to reach the bottom floor, which is where the four of us were assigned in a 2 bedroom. We had to get up at 5AM three mornings to meet our schedule and had to take a cold shower each day. This means of controlling hot water was not told to us prior to staying at the Wyndham. Cold showers are not acceptable and should be a part of amenities at this so called resort???????? Do you agree???

  • Avatar for artisk
    By artisk May 2, 2012

    Just got back from our trip to DC. The resort was excellent. The view was great, I had a corner location and could see the Washington Monument from the window. Parked the car and didn't use it again until time to leave. We took the Metro to DC everyday and didn't have any problems. The people who work for the Metro were nice and helpful when we had a question. We walked down King St. to eat and shop. If you don't want to walk there is a free trolley every 15 minutes. The Metro is just down the street and also a Starbucks which I liked. I felt safe walking the streets which meant a lot to us.

    We didn't have any problems with reservations or anything like that and the staff was wonderful.

  • Avatar for johnh1020
    By johnh1020 Updated Apr 30, 2012

    The perfect location if visiting or working in DC!

  • Avatar for eggerts
    By eggerts Nov 12, 2011

    This resort is just beautiful..Arlington is so beautiful and the sights of Washington DC are simply amazing. You can take the Metro, but we had a car and had no problem parking in DC. What an amazing part of our country...a MUST SEE!

  • Avatar for ryanc105
    By ryanc105 Sep 16, 2010

    Very surprised at the rental price of this resort! This Hilton hotel (which is attached to the resort) charges $300 per night, which shocked me when we wanted to stay an extra night here. Beautiful resort, definitely want to go here again.

  • Avatar for judyj48
    By judyj48 Jun 5, 2009

    We just got back from a weeks stay in a two bedroom. This is a great resort. Our room was very well equipped and decorated with a Mount Vernon theme. How appropriate, since we were only 5 miles from there. You can see the Metro train from the balcony. I never heard it all week, but I certainly enjoyed the very short walk every morning and evening. We rode the metro everywhere. It was very easy to navigate and we only waited a couple of minutes at the most. We got on and off everywhere. Very safe and very convenient. The resort was quiet, but the staff was very friendly. We came home each evening and rested a few minutes and then got on the free trolley in front of the resort and rode it almost every night to the Potomoc River and back. We picked a different place to eat every night. Again, just hopping on and off as we needed. We went to Washington D.C. everyday and saw so much. I went with just my kids, since my husband had to work. We felt very safe at the resort, metro, trolley, and truly had a great experience. I will go back in a couple of years and will rent at the same place.

    Some insiders tips. This would be a great resort for stroller age kids. No steps but a few inclines or hills. There is an elevator at the metro stop and you can push your stroller on the metro. You pass a Starbucks to get to the Metro.

  • Avatar for jydixon
    By jydixon Updated Jan 13, 2009

    Love this resort--location is perfect--one of our favorites. Try to go every other year at least. So much to see and do.

  • Avatar for wanderer2000
    By wanderer2000 Updated Dec 14, 2008

    Our family of 4 stayed in a 2 BR unit in the summer for a week. We love the resort and the Alexandria area. The room is spacious and newly renovated. The decoration is bright. The kitchen is good size with a dining table that sits eight. The location of resort is so convenient - less than 5 minutes walk to the metro station that takes us to any place in DC. and easy access to Old Town Alexandria. The stop of the free shuttles that run up and down King Street is just right across the resort. We didn't really need a car. King Street is so alive in the evening. We practically tried one new restaurant every night and took a stroll at the waterfront. We wanted to try breakfast but never got up early enough; we usually caught the last shuttle back. 0) The service was alright. We did not get any special greetings from the workers which is the way I prefered. I am just afraid of over friendly reps. We were able to access the internet without any problem. (phew!) Because I am a light sleeper, the train did bother us at the beginning. But the kids didn't even notice the noise. So overall, we were very pleased with our stay. I would say this is a 4 star resort. Yes, a five would be like Four Season where you have room service every day and someone to serve you at the poolside...but that's not why we visit DC area. :) I would go back anytime. And next time, I wouldn't bother with a rental car. I'll just catch the metro in front of the airport.

  • Avatar for brucel56
    By brucel56 Updated Jun 11, 2008

    We stayed in a "B" side unit. Small kitchen with small stove/medium fridge; king bed; queen sleeper sofa. Worked great for our family of 4. Hard to find off King street because it's hidden behind the Hilton even though it has a King street address. Excellent place to stay with great metro access (best way to get around DC) and nice access to Old Town Alexandria (free shuttle runs up and down King Street) which we think is great for evening dining opportunities after long days of running around DC. Definately not a "resort- type" destination, but that's not why you're in DC anyway. People seemed to do their jobs adequately; though not the "outgoing" service type you expect at other resorts. Now, keep in mind I just came back from a week at a Four Seasons, which in my experience, defines 5-star service.

    4 stars to reflect it's much better than a hotel room for size and very,very convenient location. Doesn't earn a 5th star due to lack of amenities and average (but certainly adequate) service. Some might be tempted to go down to 3 stars because with a "back" unit, you are going to hear the metro and trains. Bothered us a little, but we adjusted. The Hilton has to have the same problem. Our biggest complaint is the lack of wireless internet service. Had to go down to the lobby to get it and with everyone else down there doing the same, their router couldn't handle the traffic/bandwith needs. I'm tempted to knock them down a rating on this fact alone, but Christmas is less than 7 months away. :-)

    To help you interpret how I might rate units, Four Seasons Nevis 5+; Four Seasons Great Exuma 5; Typical Marriott or Embassy Suites - 4; Typical Comfort Suites - 3. This unit is probably a weak 4 or solid 3 "as is", internet would make it a solid 4, no trains + internet would make it a high 4. It's not really even close to a 5.

  • Avatar for jay92
    By jay92 Mar 28, 2008

    Just returned from a Spring Break visit to the DC area. The unit we were given was a handicap-accessible, ground floor unit, although we did not need nor request that configuration. If we had been wheelchair bound, maneuvering through this unit would have been difficult, with kitchen dishes/glasses virtually inaccessible due to height. The bathtub requires a significant step over and in, impossible for someone with limited mobility (although it did have a roll in shower.)

    The most annoying part of staying at this property was the hard sell put on us to take a "guest survey," which as we suspected was nothing more than a veiled attempt at an even harder sell sales pitch to buy into the Wyndham Vacation Resorts program. The guest services staff was relentess, and we finally gave in to get them off of our backs and to collect the "promised" gratuity. We own a total of 6 weeks at other resorts, and based upon our experience here, would never willingly stay at a Wyndham Vacation property again.

  • Avatar for brenda713
    By brenda713 Updated Jan 9, 2007

    We stayed in April, 2005 in a 1 bedroom suite so the living room, dining room and kitchen were one room and very crowded. We also were on the outside of the building and faced the Metro Rail, so we heard the Metro every time it went passed and that is alot.

    The location is perfect, close to everything and the staff very helpful and decor is very nice.

  • Avatar for gedaw
    By gedaw Updated Nov 15, 2006

    We found this resort very convenient to the Metro station and Washington D.C. The one bedroom unit was clean and respectable but the management staff was less than reliable. We understand there is a change in the front office coming so perhaps things will be better. There was only one computer available to access the emails. A plus is nearby Old Town Alexandria with many fine cafes. On weekends, there is available free bus access to old town just outside the front door of the timeshare.

  • Avatar for sonyam16
    By sonyam16 Aug 1, 2006

    I stayed in this timeshare February 2006. There is a Whole Foods Gourmet Market 2 blocks away and a breakfast restaurant within walking distance.

    The Metro Station and Virginia Railway is very close as well.

    The resort is well laid out and nicely decorated. I would definitely stay here again and recommend it to all my friends.


  • Avatar for nancycahoon
    By nancycahoon Apr 10, 2006

    The location is excellent. We used the Metro a lot and left our car in the garage except for one trip to buy groceries. King Streest and Old Town offer a nice change of pace. There are many good restaurants there. The units are very comfortable and the staff was helpful.

  • Avatar for kekouri
    By kekouri Updated Jun 12, 2004

    {Becky: How can you rate before you go?}

    (VOLUNTARY NON SMOKING = with ashtrays in each room asking to chose not to smoke. Dresser had cigarette burns. Windows sealed shut)

    Excellent location. Very helpful staff. No hard sell at this Fairfield. Very helpful sales staff gave much info to owners on differences in point uses.

    Right next to the Hilton, (actually, they are attached). Across the street from Metro Rail and Amtrak stops. Also, next to the National Masonic Temple. Old Town Alexandria starts here and an easy walk toward the River.

    One free car spot in interior garage (shared by Hilton) for the week. NO charge for exit or entrance. (Some city garages impose a fee each time you take your car).

    Various sized rooms, and configurations. Most are Lock Outs, but if using points, that is not an issue. A few top floor units have exterior patios, and some windows that open. MOST UNITS WILL NOT HAVE WINDOWS THAT OPEN. Unit was warm (hot), even with heat off in eary Feb 04. Ask management to turn off auto deordizor...units are very clean & fresh, anyway

    Smallest kitchen is still a full function. That is, the refrid was approx 15 sq ft. D/W (small), four burner stove with 30 inch (I think) oven.

  • Avatar for lhutchinson
    By lhutchinson Nov 11, 2002

    Top notch. Very Convenient... Metro stop practically across the street.

  • Avatar for johnharris
    By johnharris Updated Oct 27, 2002

    Excellant. Stayed in one BR last year and penthouse this year. Great lcoation. Better than downtown DC. Must share amenities with major hotel next door, but access through interior door. On site parking is free.

  • Avatar for chasej
    By chasej Updated Oct 2, 2002

    Just about the perfect timeshare. Great location, large and beautiful units, great onsite amenities and activities.

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