Peppertree Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

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Atlantic Beach, North Carolina


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  • Avatar for sharon634
    By sharon634 Jul 13, 2017

    Atlantic Beach is our favorite vacation destination! Love it!

  • Avatar for agnesp9
    By agnesp9 Mar 1, 2015

    I have owned this 2 bedroom unit for many years and was there in 2014. The apartment is on the third floor with a nice view of the beach. There are lots of activities for families, with tennis on-site and three pools to choose from. The grounds are always well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and helpful. And of course, the beach in August is perfect.

  • Avatar for gordon48
    By gordon48 Updated Jun 28, 2014

    We own at Peppertree. They have really done a great job of upgrading. It is really nice.

    If you haven't been there in a while, Give it a try and see for yourself.

  • Avatar for lichael
    By lichael Jul 27, 2011

    If we could give this resort a lower rating we would.

    While the staff was friendly they truly made no effort to accommodate our requests. They gave us friendly answers to our requests and concerns but basically said that is the way it is, deal with it. The maintenance staff took days to respond. Housekeeping showed up either hours later (if we were lucky) or not until the next day.

    We had a bulb burned out over the dining table and it took two days for them to show up to replace it. The window screens were broken and laying on the ground outside the windows. Maintenance never came to fix them or put them back into the windows.

    There was NO one on duty after 6 pm. If anything was needed from the resort you were just out of luck. That included the so called resort security. They didn’t even return a message; that is of course, if the number even had an answering machine. The only number that did have an answering machine was housekeeping. The other numbers just never answered.

    Prior to arriving to the resort we called to confirm the type of room and the location. We requested an upper floor near the beach and told them we have someone in the party that was very allergic to the chemicals in cigarettes. We were told we were on the beach and only a few yards away but they weren’t sure about the level and that they would be sure to use an ozonator to clean the room.

    They also never mentioned that the resort was under construction repair. That was going on all around the resort.

    None of what the resort staff told us prior to arrival was true. The resort itself was across the street from the beach and our room was at least 1/4 mile away if not further. This was horrible to carry chairs, umbrellas, towels, toys, boogie boards and coolers!

    We even ended up with a ground floor unit. It was almost as far away from the beach as we could get. The resort even admitted there was only one other room that was further away. That was the one they put my sister in. They couldn’t have made a room assignment further from what we had requested.

    They didn’t even bother to put us next to a pool. Well that isn’t quite true. They put us next to the indoor pool. Humm let’s see, July in North Carolina; yeah that is what anyone wants to do; sit inside a greenhouse when it is 95 degrees and sunny.

    The rooms were not clean and smelled terrible. We had to continuously use a room disinfectant to get rid of the allergens in the room from people smoking in it previously. The furniture was comfortable but very worn. My sister even found a USED band aid under one of the chairs.

    There were no laundry facilities in the rooms. This made things difficult with bathing suits and towels that were wet from the beach.

    We unit we were in was a handicap room. Everything was setup to accommodate someone that needed that. We didn’t.

    Because of the type of room we were in, there was no main kitchen counter. There wasn’t even all the cabinets and the counters that were in the room (bathroom and one in the kitchen) were at about 2/3 the normal height. This would have been great if we had needed it.

    There weren't enough kitchen inventory (dishes, glasses, silverware), chairs or even a table large enough to fit our party. The room was stocked and furnished for 4 people. We had 5 people in our party in this room. The room was supposed to accommodate up to 6 people, (it was a 2 bedroom unit) this was a joke.

    Our beds were rock hard and sleeping on them gave even the kids back aches.

    Internet access was free. It should be because it rarely worked. We went to the resort office and they provided a booster. This is hard to believe but it actually made things worse. The stove was very old. Our best guess is that it was made sometime in the 1970's. It worked as long as you held the electric elements down. Even the ice maker in the refrigerator was woefully inadequate. It didn’t even produce the equivalent of one tray a day. Of course if you wanted ice the resort would sell you some.

    Because we were on the ground floor we had to keep our curtains closed a great deal of the time. People were constantly walking in front of the windows. There were grills located right outside of our patio door. So, almost every night there was someone outside of the window/patio grilling. Frequently these people would even sit on our patio while they cooked!!

    There was nothing to do at the resort or even close to the resort. The resort didn’t offer activities to do either on property or off. The only good thing was that there was a very nice grocery store about a block away.

    All this sounds like we are a bunch of prima-donnas. But we aren't. We spend one week a year as an extended family in our timeshare. The other times we vacation we camp (in tents and a pop up trailer). We just expect it to be nice and what we are told it is supposed to be like.

    It probably isn’t necessary to say this, but, we will never return to this resort, nor will we ever recommend it to anyone.

  • Avatar for flash4085
    By flash4085 Feb 25, 2008

    I used to rate this complex as 5 stars but the maintenance fees keep climbing and Festiva has recently taken over and are trying to get owners to convert to their point system. I think they will tell you anything to get you to convert. I do like the complex itself...the 2 bedroom units are very roomy. The checkin staff can be very rude if you show up before 4:00PM.

  • Avatar for paula74
    By paula74 Jul 6, 2005

    I have been coming to this resort (first phase through third phase) for over 18 years. I am from Beaufort, NC, and have always loved being near the beach and the several pool options. This resort is one of the best resorts as compared with ones in Florida and Hawaii.

  • Avatar for joan137
    By joan137 Sep 28, 2004

    we traded thru rci into a 3 bedroom unit which is one of the older units. everything was fine, spacious and a good view. we were on the top floor which i recommend except for the stair climing. carpet needed cleaning or replaced, but had tvs in every room, comfortable beds and overall was a pleasant place to stay, close to shopping and beach

  • Avatar for heidi83
    By heidi83 May 26, 2004

    I enjoyed my stay at Peppertree very much. The unit was clean and comfortable, and the staff was friendly. There is no resturaunt on the premises, but there are plenty close by and a grocery store just next to the complex. The beach is quiet--surrounded by single family homes. Great location for many activities. A wonderful place to stay!

  • Avatar for jdgreene
    By jdgreene Updated Aug 20, 2008

    As an owner at Peppertree I have found it excellently located to almost every main area of Atlantic Beach activity. There is something for all members of the family to enjoy. I base my 5-star rating on what is available and the immenities offered at Peppertree not as trying to compare the resort to another beach area. I live just a couple of hours away and take advantage of being able to go to the beach for a day that starts out this way:

    Drive down early, park at Peppertree, use the dressing facilities getting into beach attire then spending the day at the beach. In the afternoon go to the Peppertree bath house for a shower and dress for the evening of dinner and entertainment. Then take the short drive back home. We can do this all summer even though we only have ownership of a week a year at Labor Day.

  • Avatar for ricksolosky
    By ricksolosky Updated Aug 29, 2003

    I am writing my review while sitting in my unit at the Resort. If you are looking for a place to visit for its beaches and swimming pools, and meticulously maintained units, then you'll enjoy your stay here very much. My seven year old called it "a kid's paradise"

    I am in unit 17C. It has a very nice ocean view and also Ocean sound. Less than a one minute walk to the Ocean. The beach, without a doubt, is the best Atlantic Ocean beach I have ever been to, and I have been to many. The water is warm, no sea gulls, no flies, clean, and not crowded at all. The resort has chairs and umbrellas if you want.

    At time of check in, my unit was meticulously clean and crisp. Two large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with an over sized jacuzzi), a huge deck overlooking the ocean on the front of the unit, a smaller deck off the back, 3 television sets with cable TV, and of course a kithchen/dining room/living room area. The unit was very very nice, but not Gold Crown.

    The resort is huge. Buildings 15 -19 are the ones close to the beach. The round buildings in the picture appear to be older units. My unit, 17C, was very private, and I could not hear anything at all from the 'neighbors'. The website shows a picture of some round buildings. It appears to me that these buildings are older, and don't look as nice.

    On site ammenities that I found useful were -laundromat -movie rentals -activity building were you can borrow games -very nice large indoor pool in case it rains -game room with games, pool tables and air hockey

    Also, right next to the resort is a Food Lion. So getting groceries or beverages was not a hassle.

  • Avatar for johnfornal
    By johnfornal Apr 28, 2003

    This is a nice place but not five stars.

    Emerald Isle is a family style beach retreat. The beaches are beautiful and the water clear. I was surprised to see the visibility during some great diving. Of all places. Divers will be shocked.

    The resort was built over three timeframes so there are fair to excellant quality units with most very good. No real good ocean views but nice landscaping. Side trips should include New Bern for a little history and the Ghost stories. I think they may have started there.

    Summer provides boardwalk activity but the off season is my favorite for romance. The area has some great food places look for the local license plates. Italiano excellante...

  • Avatar for carl2591
    By carl2591 Updated Aug 20, 2008

    Stayed in newer units (26I) overlooking new pool that has sliding top for summer.

    outside hot tub was very nice.

    10 min walk to beach (cross 2 lane road, no problem) to special Peppertree area with rentals for chairs and such.

    3 story building with stairs only.

    Large chain food store within walking distance.

    activities for kids and lot to do in area.

    Rate this 8.5 out of 10. Check for more reviews.

    hope to get back there soon. Last time was june 99.

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