November 2008: Own for the Price of a Week's Rental

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November 2008 Monthly Newsletter  

For Rent
Club de Soleil
July '08 - May '09
From $100/night

For Sale
Grandview at Vegas
Week #9

For Rent
HGVC Flamingo
July '08 - June '09
from $131/night


In This Issue:

Own for the Price of a Week's Rental

If you find yourself returning to the same resort or region year-after-year, or just love to travel, then timeshare ownership may be for you. For the price of a week's rental, you can purchase a timeshare at a great resort. Of course, in doing so, you accept a reasonable annual maintenance fee, but the amount you save on vacations can be tremendous.

Check out the "Own For the Price of a Week's Rental" page on to find amazing deals on resales. We've also highlighted a few exceptional deals below:

Kona Coast Resort II

Kona Coast Resort II
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (4.5 stars)

Resale: $1,000 (Floating Weeks 17-34/Even Years)

Rentals for same weeks start at $1,200/week

Gatlinburg Town Square

Gatlinburg Town Square
Gatlinburg, Tennessee (4.0 stars)

Resale: $800 (annual)

Weekly rentals start at $700/week

Island Seas Resort

Island Seas Resort
Freeport, Bahamas (3.5 stars)

Resale: $99 (annual)

Weekly rentals start at $79/night

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Exchange for a Christmas Vacation on the Cheap

When you look at the cost of renting accommodations, especially for the peak holiday seasons, the prices can be daunting. If you already own a timeshare, but aren't interested in going back to the same old place, just a few bucks can take you someplace fantastic for the holidays.

Boyne Mountain, MI: 3 bedroom; 2,599 points
Same unit rents for over $3,800 on the resort's own Web site.

Kauai, HI: 2 bedroom; 2,999 points
Same unit rents for $737/night on Expedia -- nearly $6,000 for the week!

Las Vegas, NV: 2 bedroom; 1,934 points
Same unit rents for over $2,000 on the resort's Web site.

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Selecting the Best Price for Your Rental/Resale

Selecting the right price for your timeshare rental or resale can be difficult. Price too high and you won't receive many offers; price too low and you may feel as if you're giving it away (not to mention renters might be suspicious about the low price). To help you make this tough decision, we have listed below some helpful tips to price your timeshare right:

  • Look at your resort page to see what other members are offering for similar weeks/units and price yours slightly lower
  • If there are very few offerings on your resort page, try pricing high and state in the "Details" section of your posting that you are open to offers (you can always lower your price if you aren't getting inquiries)
  • Check your resort page frequently to ensure that your pricing remains competitive; also, sign up to be notified as new postings are added to your resort page so you can keep an eye on your competition

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Timeshares - Good Investment or Not?

RedWeek members are currently embroiled in a great discussion on our Forums pages about whether or not timeshares are a good investment. One member cautions to, "Never buy a timeshare as a monetary investment…", while another thinks of his timeshare as a "...variable annuity (something I invested money in that pays me back every year for the rest of my life)".

To read more of this discussion, or share your opinion with other members, go to the Timeshare Exchanges topic on the Forums pages.

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Finding All-Inclusive Resorts on

All-inclusive resorts are the way to go if you don't want to carry a wallet or leave your resort while on vacation. To make your search simple, RedWeek provides a complete list of all-inclusive timeshare resorts. To simplify the process even further, you can sort the list by region.

By choosing an all-inclusive resort, you pay everything up-front and know, for the most part, how much your escape to paradise will cost. At an all-inclusive resort, your meals, snacks, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), activities, entertainment, tips, and taxes are all typically included in the price of your room, or are lumped into one additional all-inclusive fee paid to the resort at time of check-in.

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Notable Exchange Options

25% off November Weeks:

St. Lucia now 1,695 pts

P. Vallarta now 1,513 pts

Cabo now 839 pts

Christmas Weeks:

Las Vegas for 1,934 pts

Florida for 800 pts

Mexico for 2,108 pts

New Weeks:

Tahoe in May; 1,508 pts

Palm Spgs in Mar; 1,067 pts

Las Vegas in Dec; 738 pts

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Featured Resort:
Carlsbad Seapointe Resort
Carlsbad, CA

The Royal Caribbean
Situated on a majestic bluff overlooking one of the few undeveloped stretches of beach in San Diego's North County is a vacationer's paradise. The quaint village of Carlsbad is a short drive to the north; San Diego is a short drive south. Sea World, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and the Cabrillo National Park and Lighthouse are within 30 miles. The resort has many amenities to offer including an outdoor adult pool and family pool, health club, miniature golf area, pirate ship playground, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ping pong tables, and much more. In the evening, relax by the pool, lounge, or garden area and watch the sun slip into the Pacific Ocean.

Rental Opportunities
Starting at $71/night

Resale Opportunities
Own for only $5,500

Member Review
"We've owned at the Royal Caribbean since 1989. After visiting several other parts of Mexico, without any doubt, we're convinced that owning with the Royal Resorts is the way to go. We also own at the Royal Islander and Club International. This resort is ultra-clean all the time. The staff is outstanding."

Average Member Rating
5 stars

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