Timeshare Rentals on Redweek.com Mentioned in “5 Secrets for Cheap Travel”

published on May 21, 2009 by

In an article by KOMOnews.com, Redweek.com was mentioned as the “Switzerland” of online timeshare companies in that they are a neutral resource for helping people buy, rent and exchange timeshares. “[Redweek.com] is a subscription based service, not run by any of the big hotel chains or timeshare companies,” Says reporter Matt Markovich. You can browse timeshare resorts located all over the world, see descriptions of the properties, availability, and rental prices with information posted by timeshare owners. By renting a timeshare directly from the owner, you can save hundreds of dollars over the nightly prices available to the public.

In addition to timeshare rental, the article went on to talk about how to save money on airfare by watching the news. Keep an eye out for airfare wars that often begin late on a Friday. When that happens, the best days to buy cheap tickets are Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, when air fares are at their lowest.

Consolidator tickets were also mentioned as a great savings option. They are like the wholesale of air fares, but, must be sold to you through a travel agent. If you have an agent you trust, ask them if they can negotiate your ticket costs.

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