Timeshare Owners Vacation Memories Could Win $1,000 in Contest

published on May 29, 2009 by

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Chairman Jim Lewis wants you to know about the “Bring Your Vacation to Life” contest sponsored by VacationBetter.org. Timeshare owners can enter their vacation photos with a story, or create their own video (3 minutes or less) showing how a timeshare vacation memory has enhanced their lives, family, health and overall enjoyment. In an effort to get people to realize that taking time to unwind, de-stress and connect with family is an important health benefit, they want to know what a timeshare vacation really means to you and your family.

The contest is offering a $1,000 AMEX gift certificate to the winner, whose story (and video) will be featured in ARDAs Developments magazine, and displayed on the ARDA.org and VacationBetter.org web sites. The deadline for entries is not until August 31, 2009, so, if you are planning a trip this summer, make sure to take the video camera along to capture the moments! Or, pull out those photos from your last trip to create a video montage or scrapbook page along with a story in your own words. Be creative!

VacationBetter.org, brought to you by ARDA, is an informational resource about vacation ownership including timeshares, fractionals and private residence clubs. They pride themselves on demonstrating ways for travelers to vacation better. See their video calling for entries on the VacationBetter Channel at YouTube.