Get Timeshare Posting Updates on Any Resort

published on June 3, 2009 by

Did you know you can set an alert to receive an email on any resort posted on Just login to your favorite timeshare site and search for the resort you are interested in. You’ll see a hyperlink off to the right which says “Be Notified of New Postings”. When the pop up window opens, you can choose to be notified about postings: of that resort only, of other resorts in that geographic area, in that city or in that state. You can be specific about the type of information you are notified about as well. Choose an alert about: rentals, re-sales, exchanges, resort developer sales, special offers or click all the boxes. You can remove alerts or change their frequency at any time from your e-mail subscriptions page.

Also, from your email subscription page, you can change your forum alerts and choose to be notified about timeshares for sale in areas you select. To sign up for forum alerts, just go to the “Forums” tab and click on a topic of interest. Chose a question and at the right you’ll see a link which says “Be alerted of replies in this topic”. Forum discussions are also available for specific resorts. Simply go to the posting on the resort you are interested in and click “Discuss (resort name) now” or on the right side of the page click on “View discussion forum” and post a new question or answer a question.