Know Your Timeshare Exchange Trading Value Up Front

published on June 5, 2009 by

One of the great benefits of the RedWeek award-winning, full-service exchange program is knowing how many points your timeshare week is worth before depositing. Unlike other timeshare exchange companies that assign “trading power”, (which can be confusing and leave owners not knowing what their weeks are really worth), RedWeek Exchange offers free exchange valuations so you know exactly how many RedWeek Exchange Points your week is worth before you deposit.

We also offer a list of current exchange inventory (updated hourly) that includes points values for each available week. You see up-front how many points you need to make a reservation, and there are no hidden weeks. Don’t have enough points? As long as you have 50% of the required number of points, you can purchase the rest (current rate is $1/point). Plus, our unique program lets you keep leftover points when exchanging for a lesser-value week. You even have three years from date of deposit to use your points.

Membership is only $14.99 a year and gives you access to all other RedWeek member benefits, like reviews, want ads, rentals & re-sales. Exchange fees are only $125 per week reservation. You pay one low fee for both domestic and international exchanges, and you can trade up or down as you like.

To get started, Value Your Week with us online for free. Tell us what week you own and we’ll tell you how many RedWeek Exchange Points it is worth within 24 hours, or the next business day. Upon receiving the offer, you can decide whether to accept and deposit your week or not. You are under no obligation to deposit. For more details, see the Redweek Exchange Member Guide.