Use RedWishes for Timeshare Vacation Classified Ads

published on June 9, 2009 by

If you’re looking for a timeshare to rent or buy, but you’ve browsed our site and can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for, try RedWishes. The RedWish pages are like your newspaper’s classified ads… but for vacationers! It’s a simple, easy way to connect with timeshare owners on travel and vacation requests.

Here’s what you can do with RedWishes:

  • Post a wanted ad for a specific timeshare rental
  • Post a wanted ad for a specific timeshare purchase
  • Post an inquiry about a direct trade
  • See who wants to buy timeshare points

Here’s what a member had to say:

“I posted a RedWish and within a couple of days had around 15 offers. I rented a one bedroom at Westgate Lakes from [ member]… This is a wonderful site. “ – Sharon D.

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