It’s a Timeshare Buyers Market

published on June 12, 2009 by

For years, people have chosen timeshare ownership as a way to guarantee an annual vacation in a luxurious resort. Although vacation ownership comes with annual costs, such as resort property taxes and maintenance upkeep fees, it’s a price that timeshare owners are willing to pay due to the tremendous value that is added knowing your vacation in the same unit year after year. Or, that you can exchange your timeshare for another location around the world.

But in this current economic landscape, some timeshare owners are financially challenged and are now scrambling to unload their units. Many are even willing to take a considerable loss just to be rid of their fees and mortgages, which can be very difficult to keep up if you’ve lost your job. The upside to this trend is that if you are looking to buy a timeshare on the resale market, you can pick up some incredibly great deals. And, top resorts that were previously hard to get into or were too expensive in the past are now offering available units and have come down in price.

If you are ready to browse around for the timeshare you’ve always wanted, don’t forget to take a look at You can search specifically by resort property, geographic location or the week you want. Take a look at our quick search links for Newest Timeshare Resales. to see the latest units available, and Bargain Timeshare Resales for the cheapest hot properties. You can even subscribe via RSS feed to be alerted when new listings are added and be the first to know. It’s a buyers market out there, get in on the great deals while they last.