Timeshare Companies Directory

published on June 16, 2009 by

Many top hotel chains, such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton, offer timeshare ownership. Have you ever wondered if the resort you love is one of them? You can find out using our Timeshare Companies Directory at RedWeek.com. What’s great about this extensive list of timeshare companies is that you can easily see if your favorite property has any timeshare units for resale, rental or exchange. Previous renters already know that renting or buying from a timeshare owner saves you money on your vacation, and that timeshare units not only provide more space but great amenities not available to the typical traveler.

To get started, visit this Directory of Timeshare Companies to start your search for more information your favorite property. Then click on the resort you are interested in and from there you can drill down by region. You’ll see what state and country that resort is located in, and from there you can see what rentals, resales and exchanges are available for each individual property. If that resort is participating in our Points Program, you’ll find that information here as well. (Buying and selling timeshare points requires active RedWeek.com membership.)

Once you find the timeshare resort you are looking for, you simply need to register for free as a guest to view its availability & pricing. And, when you’re ready to contact a timeshare owner directly, paid membership is required for just $14.99 per year.