Find Reviews of Your Favorite Timeshares

published on June 17, 2009 by

If you’re trying to make a decision about a timeshare, a great way to do your research and find great, detailed information is to read a review. Not sure where to find one? is a great resource for timeshare reviews. Whether you’re looking to buy a new timeshare resort from the developer, or get a great deal on a resale or rental, RedWeek can help you learn all the in’s and out’s of any resort listed on our site in a variety of ways.

Each property on our site contains photos, and in some cases many photos, with views of the: rooms, lobby area, pool, entry, grounds, special amenities (such as a game room) and often times a floor plan. Also, we include a brief description of the property, rooms, amenities and surrounding areas of interest you may want to visit. Wondering if there are kids’ activities? You’ll find it here. Are the rooms large or small? Our site can tell you. You can check out availability and pricing while you’re there as well.

And, for even more information, we have forums where people can discuss topics about a specific resort. You can ask questions and a member will answer. Or, you can reply to someone else’s question. It’s a tremendous resource available to you at when you register and login free as a guest.

For even more, detailed information about the resort, you’ll want to read the member reviews, located at the bottom of each page. That’s where members share their personal experiences at the resort. They’ll talk about things they liked and didn’t and provide very specific details about their stay. To gain access to the timeshare reviews, an active RedWeek membership is required for just $14.99 per year.