Know What Your Timeshare Exchange is Actually Worth

published on July 3, 2009 by

Did you know has an exchange program? Right now, it’s the best kept secret of our members because they are banking their weeks with us and exchanging them for the vacations they really want, not just settling for what they are offered. Does that sound like how it works when you try an exchange with your current company?

“With other companies, it’s like a game of Go Fish.” says Gary Prado who runs the RedWeek Exchange program. “You pick a week you want to exchange your week for, but, it’s typically unavailable so you “go fish” again and again until you find one you are willing to accept. And they don’t tell you how many points your week is actually worth so you can understand the exchange process.”

So many timeshare owners who want to exchange their week just end up settling for the best they can get because they have no visibility to what their week is really worth or what inventory of weeks are available to choose from. This is where is different. We have complete transparency about the points we give you and the choices you have on where you can go. You get all the information and see everything, up front, BEFORE depositing your week, so, you can make a decision on your next vacation that is the best for you.
You can get a free RedWeek Exchange Valuation online, right now when you login free as a guest and you’ll know how many RedWeek Exchange Points your week is worth within 24 hours, (or the next business day). If you like the offer, you can choose to accept it and deposit your week with us, or do nothing at all. There is no obligation once you receive the free valuation.

Our members like knowing how many RedWeek Exchange Points their week is worth before they deposit and that they can view a list of current exchange inventory any time online as well. That exchange availability list, which is updated hourly, shows what each week is worth in points so you can see how many points you need to make a reservation. Also, you won’t find “hidden weeks” here. If it turns out you don’t have enough points to exchange for the week you really want, you can purchase the rest (current rate is $1/point), as long as you have at least 50% of the required number of points to start. You can even keep the leftover points when you choose to exchange for a lesser-value week and you have three years to use those points. There’s nothing to lose and the vacation of your dreams to gain.