3 Easy Steps For Exchanging Your Week

published on September 4, 2009 by

Often, timeshare owners or members are confused when it comes to exchanging their week. And who can blame them? You have so many options these days. Here are a few RedWeek.com tips to remember:

  1. Be the early bird! Maximize your exchange value by depositing your week at your home resort as early as you can. The more desirable your week, the better trading power you’ll have.
  2. Next, go online to RedWeek.com and get a free Exchange Valuation so you can see what the value is for your timeshare interval. RedWeek.com removes the mystery by displaying the number of points you’ll need to book your ideal vacation.
  3. Deposit your week and start packing! (Even if your dream resort hasn’t shown up in RedWeek.com, yet, there’s a good chance it will, soon.)

One of the advantages to RedWeek.com is that when you bank your week with us, your points are good for three years versus the two most exchange companies provide. Another big benefit to you when you use RedWeek.com, is that we keep the point values transparent so that you can see how many points it takes to go where you want and how many points your timeshare is worth. It really helps when you’re planning your vacation to know what weeks you are qualified to get. With most exchange companies, you’re required to bank your week before you even know what its trading power will be. We’ve heard of folks having to make numerous requests. And many times, they wind up feeling stuck with a sixth or seventh choice that they really weren’t that excited about.

If you haven’t visited with us yet, why not log onto RedWeek.com right now for FREE as our guest? Once you’re logged in, get a free RedWeek Exchange Valuation. We’ll tell you how many RedWeek Exchange Points your week is worth the next business day. Visit our Web site for more information about RedWeek.com’s Timeshare Exchange Program. We’re looking forward to seeing you enjoy your next vacation to the fullest!