Most Timeshare Owners Rent Before They Buy

published on October 23, 2009 by

According to the Vacation Timeshare Owners Report, prepared by the ARDA International Foundation (AIF), almost half of the recent timeshare owners say they chose to rent a timeshare before deciding to buy. The report also went on to show that recent purchasers are younger, (58 percent are under the age of 45) wealthier (with an average household income of $94,933) and happy with their timeshare purchase.

The biggest motivators for the timeshare purchase were: The quality of the accommodations, savings on future vacations, and the credibility of the timeshare company.

“This study underscores the flexibility and value of vacation ownership products for a broad range of consumers and lifestyles. The value of timeshare that comes from its use gives people the discipline to have a better vacation year after year,” said Howard Nusbaum, ARDA president and CEO.

Eighty-six percent of all timeshare owners responded that owning a timeshare was an excellent, very good, or good experience. Sixty-nine percent of all owners would recommend their own resort or vacation club and cite that beaches (52 percent), attractions/entertainment (48 percent), and shopping (39 percent) are the most appealing resort characteristics.