Five Tips for Your Next Orlando Family Vacation

published on November 3, 2009 by

If you travel with your family and your children are still young enough to love theme parks, a vacation to Orlando will most likely be in your future. Here are 5 tips to make the best of your Orlando theme park vacation experience.

  1. Decide Ahead of Time What Parks to Visit
    Orlando is a mecca of wonderful theme parks and attractions. Make sure you decide (before you go) on which parks to visit. With six Disney parks, three Universal parks and three SeaWorld experiences you will certainly not be able to see everything on one trip, and with so much to choose from, you’ll want to have a game plan before you arrive. And remember, you don’t have to visit 1 park per day. Take time to just explore the Orlando area (and even the pool at your timeshare) as well.
  2. Rent a Timeshare has a large inventory of timeshare rentals and exchanges available in the Orlando, Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee area. Renting a timeshare is the way to go when traveling with family. There’s so much more room to spread out and with the kitchen in your unit, you can save on meals when you are not in the theme parks. Plus, the resorts have so many amenities geared for family travelers, the kids can have lots of fun without ever seeing the theme parks at all.
  3. Take Food Into the Parks
    Since you’ll be renting a timeshare, you’ll have your own kitchen, so, you can prepare a few sandwiches to take into the park. This will save you in many ways. Time: Lines at theme parks can be quite long during the lunch rush. Money: Theme park food is expensive. Taste: Even a homemade peanut butter sandwich probably tastes better than the cardboard hamburger the parks offer.
    And don’t forget to pack plenty zipper bags of snacks with raisins, goldfish, cheerios, and even granola bars. You expend a lot of energy walking all day, and you can’t always find a concession stand when the kids are starting to melt. Bring in your own water as well.
  4. Don’t Forget the Rain
    Florida gets its fair share of rain, even when it’ looks like sunny skies! Pick up a light weight poncho from a drug store before you get to the park and pack it in your stroller or back pack to be prepared.
  5. Manage Your Children’s Expectations
    Discuss beforehand what rides they REALLY want to ride or characters they must meet. Then set expectations accordingly. You know you can’t ride everything in one day and some lines are much longer than others for attractions. Not all characters are out for the whole day, or every day. Be honest with our kids about what can reasonably be achieved so no one is disappointed.

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