National Family Week and the Importance of a Timeshare Vacation

published on November 24, 2009 by

This week kicks off National Family Week, an event organized by the Alliance for Children and Families. “Children do better when their families are strong and families do better when they live in communities that help them succeed,” is what the Alliance proclaims. During this week, they are encouraging everyone to participate in activities that build strong families.

One of the best ways we know of to grow and nurture family bonds is to take an annual timeshare vacation. People know that taking time to unwind is an important health benefit, but, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, some people are skipping their vacations this year. Relieving stress and re-connecting with the family on vacation helps everyone grow closer, as well as providing a great way to re-energize and offering a break from the daily grind.

Why is a Timeshare Vacation Better?
Vacationing in a timeshare offers a better family vacation because everyone has a place to unwind and activities to participate in. Timeshare units are larger than hotels, so, there is more space for everyone. Full kitchens allow families to eat in as much as they want to save money. And, the resorts are filled with great amenities and activities for all ages, many included in the price of the unit.

Plus, when you travel to the timeshare you own, there are no surprises about the room. And, those who own a timeshare are much more likely to go on vacation and use it! No excuses. The great thing is that for those that do not own, timeshare rental is available for everyone on sites like With more than 5,000 resorts in 100 countries, the possibilities with a timeshare vacation are endless.

So, help your family stay strong and connected and plan your timeshare vacation today!