Share Your Love of Timeshares on Your Web Site

published on December 29, 2009 by, the largest online marketplace for timeshare rentals, resales and exchanges has just created two great widgets that will allow you to share your love of timeshares on your web site or blog.

Widgets look like web banners and are little bits of code that you can easily grab and put on your own website. Not only is it a portable way for you to show your interest and support of timeshares, it makes finding a timeshare to rent, buy, sell, or exchange a snap!

We have two interactive versions of the widget. One allows someone to search by location (such as Orlando or Maui) and the other that makes it easy to find a resort by searching on its name (this one will even auto fill your answer and provide options based on what you’ve typed to help guide you). Both widgets will direct the person back to with the results found.

So, add our widget to your web site for a quick and easy way to search for a vacation! You might even find that you are the one using it the most.