Be Prepared on Your Timeshare Vacation

published on January 4, 2010 by

With the start of a new year vacation planning is well under way. Vacations are always an adventure of a sort, and these tips will help you have a great experience.

  • Expect the Unexpected
    There is yet to be invented a vacation that didn’t have at least one snafu. Though as a timeshare owner, it is comforting to visit the same resort every year because at least it takes the surprise out of wondering what the room will be like. Go on your trip knowing that every situation will be resolved, and in the end you may even have a great story to tell the folks back home.
  • Be Adaptable
    Good planning is important, and a must if you’ll have schedules to meet such as flights, boat trips, etc. But allowing for a surprise along the way and being willing to change course can open up amazing experiences for which you couldn’t have planned. You never know what serendipity has in store for you.
  • Learn from the Locals
    This can apply if you’re traveling out of the country, or to a different part of America. Take time to get away from the touristy areas and explore what makes the area tick. Visit with the local people and be open to trying foods and activities that they can suggest. Spending time getting to know people will give you rich memories of your trip.
  • Get a Quick History Lesson
    You might enjoy a vacation spot more when you understand how the town, city, National Park, theme park or even country came to be. It’s easy to get quick information on the history of even the smallest town by doing a search on line. After all, part of the point of traveling is to learn more.
  • Broaden Your Language Skills
    Go online and research a few basic words and phrases of a new language. Don’t worry about speaking fluently, just find a few words that can enhance your experience. It will be more fun to order “Tres cafes, por favor” (three coffees, please) in Barcelona and to know that a dinki-di is something good in Australia.