Timeshare Exchange Availability is Top Concern in RedWeek.com Survey

published on January 14, 2010 by

This week we released the findings from our timeshare survey. Over 650 respondents told us that exchange availability and high maintenance fees charged by the resorts, was among their top concerns. Honesty, resale opportunities, and resort improvements completed the list of the top 5 items those who replied would like to see improved about timeshares.

The number one item on the list – timeshare exchange availability – refers to a timeshare owner’s desire to trade the week at their resort for a week at different resort. High maintenance fees, indicated respondents concerns over the rising annual fee they pay to the resorts. These fees vary from resort to resort and also by size and type of timeshare unit owned.

“RedWeek.com visitors are telling us that it’s not easy to make their desired exchange,” said Randy Conrads, RedWeek.com CEO. “It is also clear that flexibility and reasonable fees are vital to timeshare.”

Timeshare owner and RedWeek.com member Caroline Lindholm commented, “We love our timeshares but are concerned about rising maintenance fees. My family owns several weeks and we have made approximately 100 exchanges since 1995. In recent years there has been a sharp decrease in the availability of desired exchange weeks.”

Here’s the percentage breakdown of how respondents replied to the question: “What would you like to improve about timeshare?

  • Exchange availability, 34%
  • High maintenance fees, 28%
  • Honesty and less pressure, 14%
  • Resale opportunities, 12%
  • Resort improvements, 7%

In addition to the top 5 concerns mentioned, additional responses included a wish that timeshares were easier to understand, complaints about poor resort management, and a desire for shorter stays at a timeshare (the typical timeshare rental is seven nights).

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