Visit Discovery Cove on Your Orlando Timeshare Vacation

published on January 23, 2010 by

Planning a vacation that will thrill the entire family is easy when you consider Orlando, with so many varied theme parks. You already know of Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. Now consider the must-see Discovery Cove when you visit Orlando on your next timeshare vacation.

Discovery Cove is like no other theme park you’ve ever experienced. Here your family can have the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of swimming with dolphins. Imagine interacting with these wondrous creatures in the most personal way – actually in the water with them, playing and swimming and touching.

The cost of admission to Discovery Cove might at first seem expensive, but consider that you are getting an all-inclusive vacation that you experience in one full day. Besides swimming with dolphins, which is so special that most visitors say it is worth the price of admission by itself, there are many other incredible activities in this 30-acre park.

The Explorer’s Aviary is home to hundreds of exotic bird species, many of which will actually eat food out of a cup you can hold. Snorkel through Tropical Reef, a coral reef where you can feed graceful rays and swim among hundreds of tropical fish. Lazily float down the heated Wind-Away River, which also flows through the Aviary, or relax in hammocks on the white sand beaches along the shore of Serenity Bay.

Everything you’ll need to enjoy each activity is included in the admission price. You’ll be set up with snorkeling equipment at Tropical Reef, and inner-tubes at Wind-Away River. If you visit during the fall or winter you might need wet-suits for the dolphin swim, which are also provided. Other amenities include a swim vest, sunscreen, towels and a locker, toiletries, and even a group picture.

All food is provided, including breakfast, and available at any time all day long. Hot and cold drinks are available, and anyone over 21 with ID (be sure to have your ticket stamped when you enter the park) can indulge in the complementary beer. From a first class restaurant to plentiful snacks there are so many choices that every member of the family will find what they like. You can find everything from juicy hamburgers to spicy jambalaya, from succulent grilled salmon to giant cupcakes, and the best part – eat as much as you want.

When planning your vacation budget you can find many inexpensive Orlando timeshare rentals, which will help make a special day at Discovery Cove affordable for the entire family.

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