5 Airplane Tips for your Timeshare Exchange Vacation

published on February 9, 2010 by

Are you planning a timeshare exchange vacation that will require a long-haul flight? You’re definitely looking forward to being there, but getting there is another matter. Long-haul plane flights have their own unique challenges, including sleeping. Here’s 5 tips to help you catch a few winks so you’ll arrive at your timeshare exchange destination a little more refreshed.

  1. Soft foam earplugs, or even high-tech noise-canceling headphones, will go a long way to shutting out the external world and helping you wrap up in your own cocoon of quiet.
  2. Most planes turn off the overhead lights when you’re flying at night, allowing the cabin to be bathed in at least semi-darkness. However, if most of your flight will occur during the day, a sleep mask is almost a must. They can be found in sundry stores, on-line travel stores, and even dollar stores.
  3. A way to rest your head without constantly being worried that you’ll flop over onto your seatmate’s shoulder is by using sleep pillows. This has become an industry in and of itself, and many different styles are now available, from simple neck pillows to large ones that are inflated and placed on your lap. On-line travel stores are the best source.
  4. Use your MP3 player to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Make a play list of “sleep” music that is quiet and comfortable and that will help you drift off. Make sure it is, or becomes, familiar music so your brain won’t think it has to stay awake and listen to these new sounds.
  5. And the most important tip to get to sleep is to relax. It’s always hectic getting to the airport and boarding a plane. You’ll also be wound up anticipating your exciting timeshare exchange vacation. So take charge of the tenseness in your body. When you’re ready to settle down for sleep, start by taking deep, relaxing breaths. Then mentally relax your body, starting with your toes and working your way up, bit by bit, to the top of your head, and remember to relax your facial muscles. Let this take at least a couple of minutes. Then remind yourself that you are on vacation and that now is the time to start enjoying it.

Have a relaxed and happy flight dreaming about the fun you’ll be having on your timeshare exchange vacation.