Spend Your Tax Refund on a Timeshare Vacation

published on February 10, 2010 by

Among the top ten most responsible ways to spend your tax refund, as listed by TIME magazine and CNN, is – take a vacation. That’s great advice, considering Americans lag way behind most other modern countries in the amount of vacation time taken each year. Plus, if you rent a timeshare on that vacation, you could stretch your refund dollars even farther.

Vacation Stats
Some European countries give workers five weeks of paid vacation per year, and the European Union countries mandate at least four weeks by law. Canadian and Japanese laws require two weeks of annual paid vacation.

The United States is one of the only industrialized countries that does not mandate minimum vacation time by law. The average American who does take vacation time takes only 3 days a year. Many more simply do not take any vacation time at all. The reasons for Americans taking less vacation time are complex, but most people site job pressures.

Vacations and Health
The negative results of this trend are clear, and are something that just about every American worker understands first hand. “Long working hours result in poorer health – Americans are nearly twice as likely to suffer from chronic disease in old age as are Europeans and we live shorter lives,” states John de Graaf, a Seattle-based U.S. worker’s advocate.

Timeshare Vacations
Using some of your tax refund for a family vacation is clearly in your best interest. And, timeshare owners already know how to save every year when they buy a timeshare resale and have their vacations pre-paid!

Many timeshare rentals and timeshare exchanges are available in luxury resorts from Maine to Mexico, from the Caribbean to Hawaii, from Las Vegas to Orlando, for less than $100/night. For that affordable amount you can sleep several people and you’ll get a fully equipped kitchen for saving even more money on meals. The luxury resort’s many amenities are also included in that price.

Most Americans live within driving distance of at least one budget timeshare resort, so if you find the cost of plane tickets daunting don’t let that stop you from enjoying a full, relaxing, away-from-it-all vacation. You, and your family, deserve nothing less.