Do you Know the Benefits of RedWeek Timeshare Exchange?

published on March 9, 2010 by

As a timeshare owner, you know the value of a prepaid vacation. You may have bought your unit with the excitement of returning to the resort you love, year after year. Or, maybe the thought of trying a new travel destination was the most appealing and those who like that option can benefit from the flexibility of timeshare exchange.

The timeshare exchange program is unique because it does not require that you have a resort affiliation. Unlike RCI or Interval International (II), no matter where you own a timeshare resort, you can exchange through This system is quite a benefit to timeshare owners because it gives you access to ALL timeshare resorts, rather than just a sub-set, as is the case with II and RCI. See a full comparison of the exchange program as compared to others.

Unlike the traditional timeshare exchange programs, gives you access to ALL timeshare resorts in the world, and you can see your choices before you bank your week. If you have a high value week, you can deposit it and potentially get multiple lower value weeks in exchange. If you have a low value week, you’d simply pay the difference – getting access to otherwise unavailable weeks for a fraction of what it would cost you to rent.

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