Timeshare Exchange Can Show you the World

published on April 14, 2010 by

Article written by guest blogger: Jeff Nelson, a real estate agent who owns and writes about investment property.

Have you ever been interested in a timeshare program, but worried that going to the same destination year after year will become tiresome? Worried the kids will outgrow that trip to Disney World each summer? Or are you reaching your retirement years and heading to the Vegas Strip just isn’t what it used to be? Perhaps it’s time you considered a timeshare exchange program, where you can “deposit” your timeshare vacation time, and for a minimal fee trade with other timeshare owners to travel around the world.

Timeshare exchange allows you to trade with other resort units in different locations, so it’s good to explore this option before buying real estate, like an investment property in Orlando. Timeshare exchange companies, like RedWeek.com, can enhance that perfect vacation experience by helping put you in touch with other timeshare owners who also want to exchange their time in the resort they own and you will know up front what resorts are available to you before you choose to exchange.

Using RedWeek.com for your timeshare exchange has additional benefits such as their timeshare forum where you can talk to owners directly about timeshares and resort reviews where you can see what owners really think (good and bad) about timeshare resorts they own and have stayed in.

If you haven’t used RedWeek.com before to exchange your timeshare, membership is just $14.99 per year and the cost to exchange is a flat fee of $125 for the week you want to exchange. On RedWeek.com you’ll find pictures and descriptions of thousands of resorts throughout the world (including Orlando vacation properties). Browsing the web site is easy as you can search by location, resort name or use the Timeshare Companies Directory.

If you are considering timeshare exchange, keep the following in mind: Your week must be a full week (7 nights), not committed to another exchange company or individual, and at least 90 days away. Timeshare exchange is a simple and effective way to leverage your timeshare into a different dream vacation year after year, so, start exchanging and see the world!