Summer Timeshare Vacation Family Travel Tips

published on May 12, 2010 by

PhotobucketSummer is Family vacation season. That means you’ll be having some wonderful bonding time, and making plenty of life-long memories as you travel to your timeshare. To avoid the trip turning into a stressful time for the parents, we wanted to share with you a few tips from Parents Magazine regarding traveling with younger children as you fly or drive to your timeshare rental.

Flying to your Timeshare
Sitting in the bulkhead seat, although it offers more leg room, does not have room for stashing carry-ons under the seat. You’ll need seats where you can have easy access to toys, snacks, drinks and wipes.

If your child gets restless and throws a tantrum on the plane – stay calm. The last thing you want to do is escalate your child’s behavior by showing frustration yourself. Do what you do at home to soothe a tantrum: Walk around, hum a favorite lullaby, or distract with a toy. And do apologize to your fellow passengers. A simple “I’m sorry” will show them consideration and most likely put them on your side.

Driving to your Timeshare
If you can, leave at night so your children can sleep part of the way. During the day, book reading, playing with toys, and watching a portable DVD player are all great distractions. And if there’s a problem with car sickness, have your children play games that require them to look out the window, such as the “ABC” game, the license plate game, and the “I Spy” game.

Limit your driving time to two-hour stretches. A break every couple of hours will give your children a chance to get some fresh air and run off some of that excess energy. As Parent Magazine stated, “You may have a longer day of driving this way, but it’s better than a shorter one with a cranky kid.”

As you know, timeshare rentals for a family vacation, is a great way to travel! There are so many fun family activities at the resort available to you to please toddlers to teens. Plus, the spaciousness of a timeshare will make an enormous difference in how relaxed your overall vacation feels. The separate bedrooms will work wonders when you have children to put to bed early. Parents and teens can still enjoy late night movie watching or game playing without disturbing anyone’s sleep. And, of course, the timeshare kitchen is a life-saver when trying to keep your constantly hungry kids fed.

Enjoy your summer vacation!