Packing Tips for your Timeshare Vacation

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Packing Tips is a hot topic right now, so says flight attendant @Heather_Poole in Twitter, and she should know. The airlines are tacking on more and more extra fees, many related to the bags – size, weight, checked, carry-on. This is one aspect of extra fees that you, the airline traveler, can control to some extent. As you plan your timeshare vacation, take some packing tips from the experts. Consider “Packing Light” and doing it all with one carry on bag. Savvy travelers say it can be done.

  1. Make a list. Check it twice. Then cross off at least half of it.
    A lot of items that we think are essential are simply not, and a lot of other items can be purchased at your destination.

    Plan your outfits around your shoes, and pack only one pair (probably your good shoes for going out to dinner or the theater). Pack flip-flops only if you really have the space – otherwise they can be bought inexpensively at any Wal-Mart type store at your destination.

    Mix and Match. In other words, 4 pieces of clothing should yield 8 outfits. For example, every shirt should match at least two pairs of pants; every pair of shorts should match at least two tops.

  2. Stuff that bag.
    Use the space inside your packed shoes to stuff socks and underwear. Since you’re cramming a lot of clothing into one bag, the new “in” way of packing basically wrinkle-free is called “bundle wrapping.”
  3. Let your body work for you.
    Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, such as tennis shoes or hiking boots. You’ll want to take a sweater or hoodie, and maybe even a coat. Get creative – You can wear the coat, and tie the sweater around your waist, or wear the hoodie and carry the coat – getting both on the plane without taking up packing space.
  4. Time to buy a new bag?
    Some airlines are now charging a fee for the roller-type carry-on luggage. Check with your airline. And consider using a 22-inch soft-sided bag.

Make “Pack Light” your mantra. Not only will you save money from extra fees, but you’ll feel truly liberated by taking the “lug” out of all that luggage. Your timeshare rental is your friend in this endeavor, with washers and dryers and irons and complimentary shampoos to help out.

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