Timeshare Travel Health Tips Before You Fly

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Everyone wants to stay healthy and when you are on vacation this is especially important. If your timeshare vacation requires airplane travel, read on for some health tips that will help you arrive at your destination in fine shape and ready for the fun ahead.

Don’t Forget the Protein
Your last meal before getting on the airplane should contain a good balance of protein and starch. It is the protein that will help you feel satisfied on the long trip.

No Salty Snacks
At the airport and on the plane be sure to avoid salty and caloric snacks. The extra salt can actually make your legs swell even more than they’re already going to. Sitting for hours at a time on an airplane with little exercise or movement adds to this. Instead, take some fresh fruit on board the plane to increase your fiber intake.

On the Airplane
Keep hydrated during the flight with lots of water. Unsweetened juices like apple juice and orange juice, and other decaffeinated beverages are also acceptable. Alcoholic drinks can be dehydrating, so drink sparingly or avoid entirely.

Make an effort to walk up and down the length of the plane every now and then to increase circulation in your legs and avoid the possibility of blood clots. You can also stretch your calf muscles frequently in your seat.

At Your Destination
It’s not a topic people like to discuss, but, everyone who has traveled knows that constipation can be a real problem. Unfamiliar environments, unfamiliar foods, and especially an unfamiliar routine can really throw the body off schedule. Fiber and water is the answer. And, it’s great that you can make your own meals in your timeshare kitchen to allow your body to eat the foods you are familiar with and avoid this problem altogether.

These health tips are a summary from an article written by Dr. Oz. We wish you happy, healthy timeshare traveling.

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