Tips for Inexpensive Dining Out Options at Your Oahu Timeshare

published on August 5, 2010 by .

Article written by guest blogger: Joann Whetstine, Marketing Manager for

While I was staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare resort in Oahu, Hawaii, I discovered that there are ways to eat inexpensively in Honolulu if you are looking for a break from your timeshare kitchen.

The main thing to do is take a walk! Just walking a few blocks off the main road (ie. right on the beach) will present you with other restaurant and dining opportunities that are less costly than those with an ocean view. We found reasonable coffee shops and a great Cheeseburger restaurant just by strolling the city.

If you are staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, right next door is the Hale Koa Military hotel. What you may not realize is that they have a Snack Shack right off the beach that is open to anyone, not just military personnel or residents of their hotel with military ID. We found that we could save up to half the cost we were paying when dining in a restaurant by getting our lunch here and eating it on the beach (which is what my 6 year old preferred anyway!) They offer a variety of hot and cold items that can be made to order such as a BBQ pork sandwich, pizza and fried chicken. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Another option which you may not have thought about is the famous ABC stores. They are practically on every corner so that you can pick up some sunscreen or that last minute toothbrush you forgot to pack, but, they also have quite a selection of snacks, juices, sandwich items and even fresh fruit. I loved getting ½ a papaya every day as a snack! You can’t beat fresh fruit from the island and sometimes you just don’t want to head back up to your room to eat. The ABC store is always close by and right by the beach.

So, if the thought of eating out in Oahu is putting a damper on your vacation planning, remember to rent an Oahu timeshare to cook most of your meals “at home” and when you are out in the city, remember these tips to find inexpensive dining out options.

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