DAE Takes over Timeshare Exchange Program for RedWeek.com

published on October 14, 2010 by .

The RedWeek executive team has decided that the best way to continue to enhance our timeshare exchange program for our members, while not straying from our core focus, is to transfer the RedWeek Exchange Program completely to Dial An Exchange (DAE). DAE has been the back office support for the exchange service since its inception and will now be given the reins to continue to grow the exchange business with the personal customer service that has made them a staple in direct-to-consumer timeshare exchanges worldwide.

We believe that the combination of RedWeek’s and DAE’s respective areas of expertise will provide better service to our exchanging members and allow RedWeek to do what we do best: facilitating rental and resale transactions between timeshare owners and the traveling public.

That said, effective November 15, 2010 the RedWeek Exchange Program will be combined with the DAE Exchange Program and any remaining RedWeek Exchange Points will be converted to DAE Exchange Credits (good for one week per credit).

All of the DAE Exchange services will continue to be offered on RedWeek.com and a toll free number will be posted to answer any questions you might have concerning the transition, new benefits that are available to you, and how you can best use the service to add value to your timeshare ownership.

DAE has been in the timeshare exchange business for 13 years, currently has over 250,000 members worldwide, and has been our partner for RedWeek Exchange since its inception three years ago. We know these people well and feel this transition will enhance the exchange service and benefit all parties.

You are welcome to continue depositing and making reservations under the existing program up through November 14, 2010. On November 15, 2010 all remaining points will convert to DAE week credits according to a conversion schedule. Requests for valuations of your proposed deposits will be accepted only until November 6, 2010.

Those members who have RedWeek points in their accounts can check current timeshare exchange availability online. You may use your points now to exchange for existing inventory.

Existing reservations made through the RedWeek Exchange Program will not be affected by this transition.

Some of the additional features you will have access to include:

  • Personalized service by a toll free phone number and personal e-mail contact with exchange counselors
  • The ability to request a week that is not currently available
  • The ability to put a week on hold for 24 hours before booking

DAE also intends to proactively search for exchange destinations that reflect your personal preferences. To assist them in finding the exchange you’re looking for, we plan to share some basic information with DAE about user activity on RedWeek Exchange. This would simply include what you have submitted for valuation, what exchange availabilities you have expressed interest in, your name, and e-mail address. DAE will then be able to search their system to provide you with exchange options customized to you. If you do not want us to share this information with DAE, please just let us know before midnight PT on November 14, 2010, and no information will be shared. You will still have an opportunity to opt-out of DAE mailings anytime after that point by contacting them directly.

We recommend that you give this improved service a try. With a strong track record for excellent customer service and a growing base of members worldwide, DAE is well prepared to take the exchange service to new levels for RedWeek members.

Thank you for your participation in RedWeek Exchange. We feel confident we are doing the best thing for all of our members.

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