What Kind of Timeshare Traveler Are You?

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Timeshares rentals are like magic wands – they can become a great vacation for just about anyone. What kind of timeshare traveler are you?

  1. Family Traveler
    Family vacations are truly a joy, and something that both parents and kids will remember for years to come. But traveling with youngsters can still be a challenge. A timeshare rental goes a long way toward easing many of those frustrations. With separate bedrooms children can be put to bed at early hours and not be disturbed while the rest of the family enjoys games or television in the living room. The full-sized kitchen is a definite plus when trying to feed constantly hungry kids. And the resort’s amenities (part of the one single cost) including waterslide pools, arcade game rooms, and children’s playgrounds, are made to order for keeping kids occupied.
  2. Retired Traveler
    You now have time to travel, but you might not be too keen on staying in one cramped hotel room after another. Renting a spacious timeshare will give you a comfortable, home-away-from-home. Many timeshare rentals are found in resorts that are in the warmer climes and that have beautiful golf courses as well as activities such as water aerobics, dance classes, even karaoke!
  3. Girlfriend Getaway
    A timeshare rental with multiple bedrooms is spacious enough for you and several of your girlfriends to be together, and splitting the cost among you makes the vacation quite affordable. Whether you’re a group of working gals, or mommies who really need a break, there are timeshare rental destinations to fit everyone. For example, how about renting a timeshare in mid-town Manhattan and going on a New York City shopping spree?
  4. Mantrips
    It’s becoming more and more popular for groups of guys to take their own break from everyday life, and a timeshare rental is the perfect fit. It’s so much easier to get that rejuvenating down-time when you have enough room to really spread out and relax. And if you’re out for active recreation you’ll find timeshare resorts are available if you’re on a golfing trip, a skiing trip, a snorkeling trip, or even a surfing rip.
  5. Honeymooner
    Timeshare rentals are made to order for that special time that newly wedded couples plan all to themselves. You can find timeshare rentals at just about any exotic spot in the world, from Cancun to Tahiti to Paris. Spacious and private, a timeshare rental will give you discrete independence, but when you want to party the resort’s amenities, often including exciting nightclubs, are right out your front door.

Leave a comment below telling us what type of traveler you are! Or, if we missed a group, please let us know.

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